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Welcome to our 'Learning from Home' page. Here you will find resources by year group for you to work through with your children. Most of the children should be able to have a go at the majority of the work themselves and will only need you to guide them and structure their day. 


A significant area of our learning focuses on being an EPIC learner, on our core values and our Christian values.


Starting with the School Prayer and a period of reflection or stillness is a good way of setting the tone of the day. The wording of the Prayer is more relevant than ever in these difficult times.


Remind the children of this regularly; they are a guide through the learning journey both at home and at school. 


We are Ready - to be responsible citizens and learn in a supportive, Christian environment. We are Respectful - to each other and earn the respect of others through our actions. We will strive to keep each other Safe - at school, home and on-line. In this way we will thrive in a school community built on strong positive relationships.



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