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Welcome to the Falcons class page! 


This year in the Falcons!

We have a fantastic year ahead of us this year in the Falcons! Please visit this page to keep up-to-date with information as well as sending a follow request to our twitter account (@Falconsketton).


This year, our team consists of 28 children, Mr Starkey (Class teacher), Mrs Roberts (Teaching Assistant - Mon-Thurs) as well as other specialist PE and French teachers - a great team!


Term 6


Looking forward to the final term of the year!



During the term, we will be completing a variety  of different pieces of writing based on our play! These will include a letter, email, a diary entry and biography! These will help the children show the skills they have learnt throughout the year in writing.



During maths sessions, we will complete lots of work on geometry! We will be looking at types of angles and how to measure them! We will also explore angles in certain shapes and how to use maths to estimate them!


As well as completing the maths and literacy year 5 curriculum, we will be taking the year 5 assessments! These include reading, grammar and spelling, arithematic and reasoning.


Topic - Mystery at Magpie Manor!

We are well underway preparing our characters for the play this year! Keep a look out for further information regarding this as costume lists and dates will be sent home.



Please keep a look out for incoming information regarding the residential throughout the term! Exciting!


PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. Be prepared for outdoor sessions.


Term 5


Welcome to term 5! Lots to do yet again :)



This term, we will be writing another short story based on our topic! We will continue to build on our use of figurative language to create an exciting story! Another writing competition is upon us...

We will also complete some instruction writing! 



We will continue to work on our fraction, decimal and percentage skills, as well as working on some year 5 geometry! All things shape and angles! Don't forget to keep learning those multiplication and division facts!



We enjoyed the visit from Rutland Osprey Project during World Osprey Week but did not continue building on our learning as we completed a 'Thrilling' dance at Spotlight! Therefore, we will delve into the world of the ospreys at Rutland Water, including a trip to the Lyndon Centre on Thursday 26th April. (Information to follow early next term.)

We will complete a poem and some artwork alongside our science project!

Our class will also learn french again next term!


Anything else...

  • PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday
  • Our R is responsible 
  • Look out for details about the residential trip throughout the term!


Term 4


Welcome back to another term! Here is a short overview of our plan for the term up until the Easter break. (Mrs Jennings will be taking over the teaching responsibilities in the Year 5 classroom for 2 weeks when Mr Alfieri is on paternity.)



Well done to everyone for entering the 500 word challenge! This term, we will first focus on some 'performance poetry', using techniques that top authors use - as well as some some artists too! After completing and performing our own poems, we will build on our story writing from last term and write another short fiction piece.



We will continue to build on our knowledge of fractions this term, swiftly moving into the link between percentages and decimals as well. Don't forget to keep learning those multiplication and division facts to help with this! 



We will have a very artistic start to our afternoons this term as we paint our Totem poles from last term and also create a brilliant 'Poetry Picture'.


We then move into one of my favourite times of the year - World Osprey Week and project! We will work closely with the brilliant people at the Lyndon Centre to learn all about these magnificent birds of prey and we will also visit later in the year - once we have become experts of course...


Anything else?

PE will be on a Wednesday this term, alongside the children's I.T project.


We will be entering the year 5 class into the Spotlight dance show this year! 

It's a great opportunity for the children to be creative and have the experience of performing in front of an audience at the Stamford Corn Exchange on Wednesday 28th and 29th of March! 



Term 3


Welcome back to term 3 in our class! Another busy term ahead. Here is some information about what we are learning about this term!



We will all be entering into the nationwide 500 word story writing competition this term! This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to continue to explore and write about their own ideas, using brilliant description!

Once we have entered the stories, we will wait to see whether we get through to the finals in London! As well as story writing, we will also be writing letters!

Finally, we will continue to read independently in class but we will also take part in 'Book Talk.' This is a great way to delve deeper into the exciting world that is books and stories.



This term, we are building on the knowledge of multiplication and division and beginning to work on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages! Our multiplication and division facts will prove to be very important again this term so keep practising!


In science, we will explore different FORCES and their effects on us and the world around us.



This term, we will work on a geography themed project all about North America! We will look to see how the land there is made up and used and then we will compare that to our continent. We will also design and sculpt some brilliant artwork, inspired by our North America topic!


Learning to learn

Our focus this term is still Respect, as unfortunately, we did not collect enough fuel last term for Barry to complete another journey. Let's have a very respectful start to the term so we can move forward with our learning as well as moving onto a Resilience focus.


Anything else...

  • Keep reading and practising spellings and times tables for a little bit every night!
  • PE will be on Tuesday (Mr Aust) and Friday (Mr Starkey)


Lots to do, so let's get started!

Mr Starkey


Term 2


Trombones will need to be in school on Tuesdays! They are sounding brilliant!


Welcome back to another exciting term in the Falcons! We have PLENTY of exciting things planned for this term!



After a great non-fiction text last term, we are moving on to write some fiction! We will delve into the world of great description so we can write an exciting escape story. After, we will become journalists and write our very own news reports before finishing off the term with creating an audio book - phew! An exciting term of writing ahead.



This term's maths is solely focused on multiplication and division. We will focus on mental methods and using our known facts to work out much more tricky questions easily and quickly - so keep learning those tables you find tricky. After mastering the mental methods, we will work on short division and a new written method of multiplication too. Then, we will be able to tackle problems confidently and accurately. 


Topic - or should I say: TOPICS!



Our first topic will allow us to learn lots about the interesting religion: Sikhism. We will learn what it is like to be a Sikh and also learn about the types of food that Sikhs eat as well - YUM!



Next, we will go and explore what is beyond the skies! After learning about the Sun, Earth and Moon system, we will explore what else is in our Solar System. When we are experts, we will also create our very own planet!



During the final couple of weeks, we will work on a whole school writing project whilst also finishing off our brilliant space topic.


Have I missed anything???



Look out for a slight change in the homework routines this term...

More information to follow.



PE will be on a Wednesday and Friday this term. Please prepare for indoor PE as well as outdoor.


Barry's R:

Barry was a little upset that we could not raise enough fuel to send him on his journey on to another part of our planet! Let's continue focusing on being READY so he has enough fuel to get going!



Term 1


Our first, exciting topic for this year is all about Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings! We will explore, in detail, who these people were, what they were like, and why they did what they did; we will even compare our lives to theirs! 

Once we have grasped who these people were, we will use the skills they used to complete some exciting design and technology work!



Initially, the Falcons will work on reinforcing the objectives that were taught towards the end of their time in year 4, ensuring that these have been fully mastered. Then, the children will begin exploring the grammar, spelling and punctuation targets and objectives set for year 5. 

We will complete a short piece of fiction writing during the first couple of weeks, focusing on using accurate sentence punctuation and using a range of conjunctions.

We will then move forward into non-fiction writing, utilising the information we have learnt through our topic!



Throughout the first half term, we will focus solely on our 'Number' work. More specifically, the children will be working hard at mastering their place value knowledge, exploring negative numbers as well as positive numbers too!

We will also be tackling our written and mental number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ) throughout the first half term and apply these to problem solving tasks!

The children will also take part in the 'Multiplication Olympics', earning their own trophies along the way. 


Learning to Learn!

We will continue to work on our ever-important 6 Rs this year: Readiness, Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Resourcefulness and being Reflective.


Barry now has his 'Fishertron 3000!' I look forward to what we have in store with him this year! Our first focus is being Ready to Learn.


Other important information:

  • Homework will be set on a Friday and be expected in on a Wednesday. (It is also important to always read regularly and practise times tables.)
  • PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday this term so make sure the correct PE kit is in school on those days; we will always aim to be outside for this term.



Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. 

Residential trip!

Moving into year 5 is exciting for many reasons - the school residential trip is no exception! We will be releasing further information throughout the year, closer to the date...

Below are examples of the fun activities that take place during these trips!

2016 trip to Ilam Hall

2016 trip to Ilam Hall  1
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  2
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  3
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  4