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Welcome to the Falcons class page.

If you haven't already, please follow our class twitter page to gain a great insight into our day-to-day working! Follow @Falconsketton and come and see me if you have any problems - thanks.


Falcons' Rap


"We are the Falcons,

And we are the best.

We can do anything,

So put us to the test!"


"We love our learning,

We always try our best.

Come and give us a challenge,

We are better than the rest!"


"Maths, literacy,

Science too.

We use our six R's,

To amaze you!"


"We are the Falcons,

We help each other out.

Another lesson's started,

Let's see what it's about!"


This year in the Falcons...

Welcome to the Falcons page for 2016/17! We have an exciting year ahead and I am looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday 1st September.

The Falcons' teaching team this year is Mr Starkey (Class Teacher) and Ms Dimbleby (Teaching Assistant).


Term 6


Hello again and welcome back to our final half term of the year! It's been a great year so far and I cannot wait to get this final term started. We have a super busy and exciting term ahead so I hope you have had a nice rest over half term.


The Dracula Rock Show


For our topic this term, we will be focusing on our play! Some of you will have been practising those lines over half term so that's great. As well as rehearsing for the play, we will be designing the set, making props and making sure our play is advertised well! I sure do look forward to how this great play will turn out.




Our residential is fast approaching too! We will be getting together with the Eagles class over the first two weeks of term and discussing our residential trip in terms of behavior codes, rooms and packing lists. 


Maths and literacy


Don't worry! We will also find time to do some maths and literacy! As well as our end of year school assessments, we will complete the maths curricullum for year 5, which includes some shape work, area and perimeter, and work on prime numbers. 


Our initial writing topic will be poetry and we will aim to write and perform our poems to the class! Including our poetry topic, we will be working on a 100 word short story to put together in a book for the children to keep - awesome!


Anything else...


Finally, our 'R' focus for this term is REFLECTIVE. We will use reflective skills to earn rocket fuel so we can fill up the tank in the FISHERTRON 3000!


We will have P.E on Tuesdays and Thursday for this term so please can you make sure that the correct PE kit is in school on those days, including trainers (and socks)!


Please feel free to come and speak to me if you have any questions!




Term 5


Hello again!


WOW! We are in the summer term - how exciting! I hope you have all had a great Easter break and are prepared to work hard to burn off all that chocolate! We have another great term lined up this term so I can't wait to get started!


Roald Dahl!


This term, we are going to be focusing our reading on Roald Dahl. Alongside the Eagles class, we will discuss the stories and then begin the very exciting task of writing a script for our very own play! Script writing, play auditions and the casting of parts will all be done this term - awesome!


Maths and Literacy


Once we have finished off our excellent work on fractions, decimals and percentages, we will turn our attention to shapes! Angles will be an initial focus of ours before looking at reflection and rotation too. In literacy, we will complete an important 'job application' letter during the first week. In the coming weeks, the Falcons will have the opportunity to do some more short, fast-paced, fiction writing and writing our scripts too.


Anything else...


  • Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Thursday so please be prepared for outdoor PE on these days
  • Our theme for this term is being RESOURCEFUL - let's earn some fuel!


Please feel free to come and see me if you have any questions throughout the term.




Term 4


Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a relaxing break and you are raring to come back into school for another exciting term! Don't forget PARENTS' EVENING this week (Wednesday OR Thursday)


Ospreys and Us

Our theme for this term's topic is ... You guessed it - Ospreys! We will be following the Rutland Osprey's migration from across the globe and learning about the place they come and settle each year - Rutland Water! We will also explore the Osprey's preferred habitats and how living things adapt to the various conditions that they come across. Finally, we will enter into the 'Ospreys and Us' I.T competition and create cool videos about our learning!


Maths + Literacy

This term, the Falcons will continue to focus on fractions, moving into their relationships with decimals and percentages. Check out Twitter during the term to see the 'MATHS PAGE OF THE DAY!' which will contain fantastic maths skills.


After completing the 500 word stories and entering them into the competition (fingers crossed!), the children will move onto information texts. We will produce our very own about Ospreys! Then, we will carry out some debating in the class, leading into balanced argument writing. Towards the end of the term, we will complete a mini reading topic, looking at a famous author's brilliant stories!


Anything else...

  • Our PE days will be Tuesday and Thursday (and Friday towards the end of term). Please be prepared for outdoor PE.
  • We will be focusing on Responsibility this term - let's earn some fuel!


Please feel free to come and see me with any questions!




Term 3


Welcome back!

Hello and welcome to 2017 in the Falcon Class! Yet another exciting term in prospect for the cold weeks in January. I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year breaks (just not eaten too much chocolate and mince pies like me).



Our topic this term is 'Ketton School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' - based on Harry Potter! We will be mainly focusing on some exciting science by changing materials. We will also turn our attentions to art and do some magical potion drawings. Finally, we will end our term at The Great Feast!


Maths and Literacy

We will focus a lot on fractions, decimals and percentages this term in maths. We may even find the time to divide up some chocolate to help us learn (may be fruit would be a better idea...).

Our literacy will initially focus on instructions writing but we will soon move onto writing another short story!


Anything else...

We will have PE on a TUESDAY and THURSDAY this term so please have your PE kits in on those days.

Our Learning to Learn focus is Resilience - I am eager to see what our treat day will be from earning all of our fantastic rocket fuel last term.


Please feel free to come and see me with more questions!



Term 2


Welcome back! 

I hope you have all had a brilliant half term break whether you were relaxing, busy or a little bit of both!

We have another exciting term in store for the run up to Christmas (I have heard xmas songs in shops already...).

The children will all have three, individual on-going targets to think about this term. One will be a 'learning target', one 'maths target' and one 'literacy target.' This will enable the children to be more responsible learners and allow them to 'grow' as learners.


Topic - 'Out of this World'

For the first five weeks of this half term, we will be exploring our 'Out of this World' topic. The children will carry out a range of activities all about our solar system. This topic gives the children opportunity to explore specific areas of interest to them and answer their own questions.

As well as learning about the solar system, we will also focus on forces. The children will carry out experiments to explore the effects of forces on certain objects. We will also carry out my favourite activity of them all - 'Paper Aeroplane Showdown!'



The children will continue focusing on number for the first half of this term. More specifically, we will focus on multiplication and division methods. Initially, we will focus on mental methods then move on to more formal written methods. In addition to our number work, the children will work on reading off different types of graphs and answering questions.



The class wrote a short story and a newspaper report as a class last term. Towards the end of the term, the children wrote their very own newspaper report. 

This term, the children will get the chance to write their very own sci-fi story! We will be focusing on using rich, descriptive vocabulary, utilising metaphors and similes. We will be continuing to focus on accurately punctuating a range of sentence types.

As well as a short story unit, we will carry out a short poetry unit. This will coincide with 'Remembrance Day.'




Taking on board some feedback regarding homework from parents evening, this term, the children will be given a minimum amount of homework to be completed. As well as this, there will be extra 'challenges' that the children can tackle. These challenges are optional but the children should be encouraged to complete these in order to further their learning.


Anything else...

Our 'Learning to Learn' topic for the first half term is  Respect. We will continue to collect rocket fuel as a class so Barry can begin building his vehicle.

Throughout this half term, the children will have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure the correct PE kit is in school (outdoor trainers and indoor plimsoles, school top and shorts) on these days. 


Term 1

Our first, exciting topic for this year is all about World War 2. We have a wide range of activities for the children to access throughout the first term, working closely alongside the Year 6 Eagles class in the wider curriculum topics. We will be discovering what it was like to live during WW2 and also finding out where children were sent after being 'evacuated.'


We have organised a day trip to 'Eden Camp' for Thursday 8th September. More information regarding the day will be available on the first day of term. If you would like to find out what Eden Camp is all about, follow this link!



Initially, the Falcons will work on reinforcing the objectives that were taught towards the end of their time in year 4, ensuring that these have been fully mastered. Then, the children will begin exploring the grammar, spelling and punctuation targets and objectives set for year 5. 

We will complete a short piece of fiction writing during the first couple of weeks, focusing on using accurate sentence punctuation and using a range of conjunctions.

After our trip to Eden Camp, the children will begin thinking like journalists and work within writing teams to produce an accurate newspaper article. We will explore some new punctuation during this unit of work, as well as discovering a range of sentence types! 



Throughout the first half term, we will focus solely on our 'Number' work. More specifically, the children will be working hard at mastering their place value knowledge, exploring negative numbers as well as positive numbers too!

We will also be tackling our written and mental number operations ( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ) throughout the first half term and the children can then be set targets for them to achieve throughout the year. 

WHOLE SCHOOL FOCUS: this year, all the children in each class will aim to improve their times tables. In the Falcons, the children will have time as soon as they enter the classroom in the morning to practice these. The children can then take part in the 'Multiplication Olympics', earning their own trophies along the way. 




Each term, we will update the website with information about topics and areas to be

covered, as well as some useful website links for the children to use.  


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites.  smiley

Residential trip!

Moving into year 5 is exciting for many reasons - the school residential trip is no exception! We will be releasing further information throughout the year, closer to the date...

Below are examples of the fun activities that were available during last year's trip!

2016 trip to Ilam Hall

2016 trip to Ilam Hall  1
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  2
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  3
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  4