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Term 6

Welcome back to the last term of the year. This term our topic is 'What's at the bottom of our garden?'. This is a science based topic where we will be hunting for minibeasts. We will observe them closely, name and sort them. In our art work we will make our own minibeast models as well as using natural materials to make sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. In our DT work we will evaluate a range of dips and dippers from the supermarket before designing and making a dip of our own! Finally, we will be thinking about the family in Judaism in our RE work. 

This term our EPIC learning is all about being reflective and using the skills we have learnt throughout the year. We are very excited to have collected enough rocket fuel for the final piece of Barry's 'Fishatron 3000' vehicle and our aim this term is to earn enough fuel for Barry to start his new adventures around our amazing world! 

Term 5

Welcome back to another term and we hope you all had a fantastic Easter break.

This term our topic is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We will begin the term looking at the story Jack and the Beanstalk in Literacy as part of our Traditional tales unit. We will look at plants in Science and we will try growing our own beanstalks, so if anyone has any spare small pots and/or compost they could donate, that would be great! In D.T we will also try making our own moving pictures involving Jack climbing up the Beanstalk!!

For the first three weeks in Maths we will be focusing on place value and looking at counting,reading and writing numbers to 100 in numerals and words.

This term our EPIC focus is upon being resourceful learners. We are really excited to have collected enough rocket fuel for a treat day this term too. We all did a fantastic job last term at being responsible learners - well done everyone!!

Term 4

Welcome back to term 4 - we hope you all had a restful half term! We are now half way through this school year - WOW, where has the time gone?!

This term our topic is The Great Fire of London. We will be using historical evidence to find  out about the events of the Great Fire. We will also use junk materials to make our own 'Tudor houses', so if anyone has any small boxes e.g cereal boxes, they would be greatly appreciated!

We will  be looking at different Bible stories in RE as well as carrying on learning French every Wednesday.

EPIC learning - we really enjoyed our treat day last term but unfortunately we didn't earn quite enough rocket fuel for one this term. We did however manage to earn enough fuel for the next part of the 'Fishatron 3000' (Barry's new vehicle ), so we are well on the way to completing this! This term on our EPIC journey we are thinking about being Responsible learners, as well as remembering to show that we are Ready, Respectful and Resilient. 

Term 3

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all!

This term our topic is 'Where do I live?'. This is a Geography based topic where we will be studying  our local area both in the school grounds and around Ketton, as well as investigating and learning the names of the four countries and capital cities in the UK. We will also be looking at seasonal changes in the weather in Science.

Our Literacy topic is 'Once Upon a Time' where we will be looking at a range of different traditional tales. Our Art and D.T work will also be based around this - for example, we shall try and make the 3 Pig's houses and then test them with a 'wolf' hairdryer to see how stable they are!!

Epic Learning - Last term we all pulled together again and collected enough rocket fuel for a whole school treat day. We look forward to finding out what this is going to be! This term we are learning to be 'resilient' learners and hope to earn lots more rocket fuel!


This term there is a slight change with our PE days. We will have PE on Mondays as normal, but we shall also be having Yoga on Tuesdays, so please can PE kits be in school on those 2 days. 

Term 2 

Welcome back to Term 2 and we hope you all had a good break. 

This term our topic is 'Famous for more than 5 minutes'. In this topic we will be finding out about the life of Florence Nightingale and the work she did in the Crimean war. We will also look at the work of Vincent Van Gogh in art and we will create our own Starry Night pictures.

Our R.E. topic this term is 'Places in Christianity'. We will start this by thinking about special places and then it will develop into a visit to the Church where we will look at different features of the Church and what they mean. 

EPIC LEARNING - This term our focus will be 'Respect'. We managed to earn enough rocket fuel last term to start building a new vehicle for Barry to continue his adventures. Each term we are aiming to build a different part of the vehicle called the 'Fishatron 3000' which Barry can then use to explore own own planet next year. We are all very excited by this and look forward to earning lots of rocket fuel this term. 

Finally we will also be working very hard to learning and rehearsing our Christmas production which I are sure you will all enjoy!

Term 1


Hello and Welcome to the Owls class. There are 30 children in our class. Mrs Howard is the Class Teacher and Mrs Cherry is the Teaching Assistant. Please follow us on Twitter  @Owlsketton

EPIC learning - Barry is back from his journey around the EPIC solar system and we are excited to find out what other adventures he has planned. We will help him to prepare for these through our work on the 6 Rs -  being ready, resilient, responsible, resourceful, reflective and respectful. Our focus for Term 1 is being "ready for learning".

Our first topic is called "Marvellous Me" where we will be identifying and naming parts of the body and exploring our 5 senses in Science. We will look at how we have changed from babies to now and look at how our life is different to our parents and Grandparents. 

PE lessons will be on a Monday and a Friday this year. Please can PE kits be in school on those days, with plimsolls for indoor PE and trainers for PE outside.

PE days will be on a Monday and a Friday . Please can PE kits, including plimsolls for indoor PE, be in school on those days.