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Term 6

Welcome back to the final term where our topic is 'The Seaside'. We will be begin our topic by taking a 'virtual' trip to the seaside and looking at the main features and what there is to do at there. We will be using maps in our geography lessons to locate the beaches in the UK and to see where the nearest beach is to Ketton.
In our history lessons we will be learning about what seaside holidays used to be like a long time ago and looking at what people did for entertainment. We will be comparing this with nowadays and discussing the similarities and the differences. We will also learn about Grace Darling. Our Literacy work will be based around ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.
This term Barry will be helping us learn how to be reflective in our learning. We will reflect on the year and remember how to show all the other skills that we have learnt throughout the year.

Term 5

Welcome back to Term 5. We hope you all enjoyed a restful Easter break.

This term our topic in the Owls is 'Living things'. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as we will be spending a lot of time in the school grounds this term. We will be thinking about plants and animals in our Science work and hopefully we will be able to find and observe lots of different minibeasts. In our Art work we will then make our own minibeast models as well as doing some observational drawings. We will also try weaving with different natural materials. 

Our first Literacy unit will be looking at non-fiction texts about animals which will lead to us writing our own information leaflet about one of the minibeasts we find.


EPIC Learning - We are looking forward to a message from Barry again on our return to school as we managed to earn enough fuel last term for Barry to take off on the penultimate leg of his journey around our planet. This term we will be reminding Barry about how to be RESPONSIBLE learners.

Term 4

Welcome back to term 4.

This term we  will be helping Barry out by collecting fuel balls by being RESOURCEFUL. Resourceful learners make sure they have the right equipment to help them with their learning and they always return things to where they found them ready for the next time they are needed! We will still remember that we are Ready, Respectful  and Resilient learners too!

This term in the Owls our topic is 'Once Upon a Time'. We will be looking at different traditional tales in our Literacy lessons and we will use these stories in our topic work. We will investigate materials further through looking at the 3 Pigs houses and we will begin to think about plants when we plant our own bean seeds - do you think we can grow a beanstalk as big as Jack's? Our work on measuring length and height in our Maths lessons will help us when we start to measure our beanstalks!

P.E. will continue to be on a Monday and a Thursday so please can P.E. kits be in school those days. Also, as the weather gets warmer we will try to take our P.E . lessons outside, so the children will need trainers for this as well as their usual plimsolls. 

Finally, the Owls are doing a fantastic job of earning their badges in the reading challenge, so please keep going with the reading smiley


Term 3

Happy New Year ad welcome back to Term 3!

In Term 3 we will be helping Barry out by collecting fuel balls and this term we will earn fuel by being RESILIENT. Resilient learners keep going, even when the going gets tough. They start each lesson with a positive attitude and they give each task 100%. It is also important to remember that we are Ready and Respectful learners too!

This term our topic in the Owls is 'Zoom About' where we will be looking at different forms of transport. We will find out about the first landing on the moon and look at how transport has changed throughout time. We will try making our own vehicles out of junk materials in DT, so if you have any spare empty boxes at home we would be very grateful for them!

In our Literacy work we will be looking at the texts 'Whatever Next', 'Bob, the Man on the Moon' and 'The way Back Home'. 

In our Maths lessons we will begin the term looking at addition and subtraction within numbers to 20 where we will be using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us. 

We would also like to welcome Mrs Slade this term, a student teacher who will be spending the term working with the Owls class.

Term 2

Welcome back to term 2. We hope you have all had a good break.

This term in the Owls our topic is 'Toys' where we will be comparing our toys today to those our parents and grandparents used to have. We will be making our own puppets in DT and we will be investigating the different materials that toys are made from in our science work. Later in the term we will be visiting Rutland County Museum for their 'Christmas is Coming!' workshop. During this we will find out about  how Christmas was celebrated in the past and we will have the chance to make a Victorian Christmas card and a traditional toy. During the term we will also be busylearning and rehearsing our Christmas play!


Last term we didn't quite manage to earn enough fuel for Barry to travel to the next continent on his adventures around the world. This term we will be thinking about being RESPECTFUL and hopefully in the first week back we can all work hard on this and earn the fuel for Barry. During the term the focus is on Respect for others, Respect for our school and our equipment as well as Respect for ourselves.


PE lessons will continue to be on a Monday and Thursday this term so please ensure PE kits are in school on these days with plimsolls as most of the sessions will now be in the school hall. We are also lucky enough to have an introduction to Yoga in small groups this term. This will be on a Tuesday afternoon.

Term 1


Hello and Welcome to the Owls class. There are 27 children in our class. Mrs Howard is the Class Teacher and Mrs Cherry is the Teaching Assistant. Please follow us on Twitter  @Owlsketton


EPIC learning - Barry now has a completed 'Fishatron 3000' vehicle in which he plans to travel around our amazing planet. We will help him do this by earning fuel through our work on the 6 Rs -  being ready, resilient, responsible, resourceful, reflective and respectful. Our focus for Term 1 is being "ready for learning".


Our first topic is called "Marvellous Me" where we will be identifying and naming parts of the body and exploring our 5 senses in Science. We will look at how we have changed from babies to now and look at how our life is different to our parents and Grandparents. 


PE lessons will be on a Monday and a Thursday this year. Please can PE kits be in school on those days, with plimsolls for indoor PE and trainers for PE outside.


The very popular reading challenge will continue this year. Each time your child reads for 10 minutes - either their school reading book, or a book from home/the library - this can be recorded in their reading record book. When they reach 50 reads they receive a bronze star in a special assembly which parents are invited to. 100 reads earns a silver star and 150 reads earns a gold star! We find this really motivates the children in their early stages of reading, and your support with this at home is greatly appreciated.