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Welcome to the Ospreys. We are a class of 30 children. Our teacher is Mrs Kelly and our teaching assistants are Mrs Riley and Mrs Bexson. We are delighted to have Miss George, a student teacher, join our team. Our learning journey, this year, includes many exciting activities which you could follow on Twitter. Send a follow request to @Ospreysketton and receive up-to-date pictures and information of what we’ve been doing.


Epic Learning – We will be introducing ClassDojo to the school this year. This will be used to promote the 6 Rs – being ready, responsible, resilient, reflective, resourceful and respectful. Our focus in Term 1 is on being ‘ready for learning’.

We will continue on our learning journey with Barry but his focus will be on promoting emotional wellbeing – be on the lookout for his tweets giving us tips on how keep healthy.


Term 1

Our first term starts with a visit to the Stone Age and the Iron Age where the Ospreys will be History Detectives examining key questions and pieces of evidence from this period in order to build a picture of life in prehistoric times. They will find out about the first Britons - nomadic hunter gatherers who came from mainland Europe to settle in England and go on to explore how life changed during the Iron Age.

In Art the Ospreys will look at Cave Art - travelling to the past to explore how people in earlier times used art as a way to record stories and communicate ideas.

The Ospreys will continue with this historical theme in Literacy by using Jane Considine's three zones of writing - FANTASTICS, GRAMMARISTICS and BOOMTASTICS - to explore the story Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. They will be considering the purpose and audience of this story and exploring how to rewrite the story for an older audience. They will use the nine lenses of FANTASTICS to analyse the text; in the GRAMMARISTICS zone they will focus on noun phrases expanded by the addition of adjectives and prepositional phrases and in the BOOMTASTICS zone the Ospreys will explore and practise how to use repetition and pathetic fallacy effectively.

In Maths they will revisit and consolidate place value; add and subtract numbers with up to 4 digits using the formal written methods of column addition and subtraction; convert between different units of measure and recall and use multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12x12.

Phew - it’s going to be a busy term!

Homework – this term there will be a big focus on Times Tables, consequently all Maths homework will relate to mastering these. Reading is a vital part of our homework so daily reading should continue. In addition to this there will be two reading tasks called Sixty Second Reads each week.

They will also be given a spelling rule and weekly spellings to learn.


P.E. – this Term P.E. will be on Tuesdays and Fridays so please have your P.E. kits in school on these days. We will try to be outside for P.E. as much as possible this term so you will need your trainers. (Bring your plimsolls too, just in case we are outside.)


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