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Welcome to the Ospreys. We are a class of 29 children. Our teacher is Mrs Kelly and our teaching assistants are Mrs Riley and Mrs Bexson. We are delighted to have Miss George, a student teacher, join our team. Our learning journey, this year, includes many exciting activities which you could follow on Twitter. Send a follow request to @Ospreysketton and receive up-to-date pictures and information of what we’ve been doing.


Epic Learning – We have introduced ClassDojo to the school this year. It will be used to promote the 6 Rs – being ready, responsible, resilient, reflective, resourceful and respectful. Our focus in Term 2 is on being ‘Respectful’.

We will continue on our learning journey with Barry but his focus will be on promoting emotional wellbeing – be on the lookout for his tweets giving us tips on how to keep healthy.

Term 2

This term the Osprey's learning will be based on the First World War Centenary. Their topic, ‘Lest We Forget’, starts with a visit to the Rutland County Museum where they will explore an exhibition called Rutland Remembers. They will also visit our local War Memorial and learn about the lives of the soldiers in their community who went to war.

As Geographers they will explore the lines of the trenches across Europe and compare the area where the Battle of the Somme took place to the surrounding areas of Ketton. They will also visit their PenPals at Cottesmore Academy to share a PowerPoint presentation they have created about their village.

In DT the Ospreys will design and make a ‘Trench in a Shoe Box’. They will explore the purposes of trenches, trench construction and life in the trenches to get an understanding of what elements they need to add into their design and explore materials that could represent these components.

The Ospreys will continue with this historical theme in Literacy by using Jane Considine's three zones of writing - FANTASTICS, GRAMMARISTICS and BOOMTASTICS - to explore persuasive speeches. They will consider the purpose and audience of persuasive speeches and explore how to write a speech that would motivate troops to ‘go over the top’ and fight the German enemy.

In the FANTASTICS zone the Ospreys will use the nine lenses of FANTASTICS to analyse motivational speeches. In the GRAMMARISTICS zone they will focus on fronted adverbials and in the BOOMTASTICS zone the Ospreys will explore and practise how to use repetition, alliteration and rhetorical questions effectively. Keep a look out on this class page for film clips of their ‘Battle Cries’

In Maths the Ospreys will continue practicing speedy recall of multiplication and division facts. They will build on their understanding of addition and subtraction methods to solve two step word problems and they will learn to use estimating and inverse operations to check their answers. The Ospreys will also learn to measure and calculate the perimeter of rectilinear figures in centimetres and metres.

Phew - it’s going to be a busy term and I haven’t mentioned the Osprey Sleepover and Christmas celebrations yet! Be on the lookout for letters about these events.

HomeworkMaths Super Sixes - Monday to Thursday. Reading is a vital part of our homework so daily reading should continue. In addition to this there will be one reading task called Sixty Second Reads each week. They will also be given a spelling rule and weekly spellings to learn.

P.E. – this Term P.E. will be on Wednesdays and Fridays so please have your P.E. kits in school on these days. We will try to be outside for P.E. as much as possible this term so you will need your trainers. (Bring your plimsolls too, just in case we are inside.)

Important Dates:

Parents Evening – 30/10/18 and 31/10/18

Visit to Rutland County Museum – 16/11/18

KS2 Christmas Sing-a-long – 13/12/18 and 14/12/18

Christmas Lunch – 19/12/18

KS2 Christmas Party - TBC

Osprey Sleep Over - TBC


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