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Welcome to the Kingfishers' page!


This year the Kingfishers is a class of 28 and our teacher is Miss Hatton. Mrs Holmes and Mrs Roberts will be our teaching assistants. Mrs Holmes will be with us Monday to Thursday and Mrs Roberts will be in our class on a Friday. There are lots of exciting things planned for this year and you can find out about them by looking at our class page or even better by following us on Twitter. Send a follow request to @Kingfisherskett to keep up to date with things in the classroom as they happen!


P.E. in the Kingfishers:

Please make sure you remember to bring your P.E. kit to school on the days we have P.E. We will try to be outside for our lessons as much as possible this term so you will need to have your trainers. Bring your plimsolls too, just in case we are inside. Our P.E. days will be: Monday and Tuesday.


Homework in the Kingfishers:

We will have homework on Fridays to be handed in on the following Thursday. Our homework is linked to what we have been learning about during the week and could have a Maths, Literacy or Topic focus. We will also have a list of spellings to learn drawn from our ongoing spelling work. Regularly reading our school reading books is also an important, ongoing part of our homework. 


Reading in the Kingfishers:

Reading takes many forms in the Kingfishers. To enable us to progress with our reading we will have opportunities to do whole class, guided reading and individual reading. It is important to read at home too! We need to take our reading books home and try to read aloud to someone as often as we can. We will change our reading books on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It is up to us to remember to put our reading book into the tray if it needs to be changed!


EPIC learning:

Barry is set for a new adventure this year. His "Fishertron 3000" is ready and he is going to use it to explore the different continents that make up our world. He will need to us his readiness, resilience and resourcefulness skills as he embarks on this adventure and he will need to remember to be responisble, respectful and reflective too! Barry's first stop will be Europe and we look forward to learning about this continent with him.


We will be helping Barry out by collecting fuel balls and this term we will earn fuel by being READY to learn. If we are ready to learn we start each day with a positive attitude, we actively listen and manage our distractions well, we have all of our equipment ready so we can get started straight away and we make sure our bodies are ready by drinking plenty of water and getting a good night's sleep.


Term 1

What an exciting first term we have planned! Our first topic of the year is called "An Island Home". It is a Geography based topic which also includes some Science and Art too. Through our Geography work we will be developing our map reading skills and looking at the physical and human features of landscapes. We will also be comparing life in Ketton with life on the Isle of Coll. In Science our topic focus is the uses of everyday materials.


Our work in Literacy starts with a story writing unit linked to our work in Geography followed by a unit on instruction writing. We will be focusing on consolidating our use of correct sentence punctuation and starting to add detail to our sentences by including adjectives. We will also revise the terms noun, verb and adjective.


In Maths we will be starting with a block on place value, focusing on the place value of two digit numbers. This first block will be followed by some work on addition and subtraction.


We can't wait to get started!


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