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Hello and welcome to the Kestrels' page! We are a Year 3 class containing 29 children. Mrs Young is our class teacher and Miss Calton is our TA. 

This year we will be continuing to tweet so don't forget you can follow us on Twitter. Our twitter name is @kestrelsketton. Send a follow request and you can keep up to date with what we are doing in the classroom as it happens!


Homework will be given out on a Friday and it will be based on topics we have covered during the last week. We each have a homework book to complete our homework in. Part of our homework is also to learn spellings which are based on the spelling pattern or spelling rule we have been focusing on during the previous week. We will also have a set of tricky words to practise. 

In Kestrels we need to read our reading books at home every night. It is up to us to remember to ask to change our reading books when we finish them. We have guided reading sessions each week. These sessions provide an opportunity to develop our reading comprehension skills.

Epic Learning-  We will be introducing ClassDojo to the school this year. This will be used to promote the 6 Rs – being ready, responsible, resilient, reflective, resourceful and respectful. Our focus in Term 6 is on being reflective learners.


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Term 6

Key Dates:

Y3 Big Sing Oakham Chapel- 13th June

French Day- 25th June

Sports Day -2nd July

Moving on to Year 4 Morning -4th July

Roman Day Stibbington -10th July

In Term 6 we are continuing to explore the Roman Empire, the invasion of Britain and Queen Boudicca's revolt leading up to our visit to Stibbington where we will be fully immersed in Roman life. We will be reading and comparing different styles of poetry and write a Roman kenning to perform while we are visiting Stibbington. In Maths we will continue to learn about time,  Roman numerals, angles, 2D and 3D shapes. We are learning 9 songs for the Y3 Big Sing at Oakham Chapel including an original piece that we are the first people to ever sing. 

Almost there.mp3

Circle of life.mp3

How far I'll go.mp3

Interwoven tapestry.mp3

Let us keep our promise.mp3

The mermaid.mp3

Term 5

This term Kestrels are starting a History topic called What have the Romans done for us? We will read non-fiction texts to collect facts so that we can write our own non-chronological reports, explore why the Romans invaded Britain, if they were welcomed by the tribes of Britain and why they built Hadrian's Wall? In Maths we will continue to be Times Table Rock Stars, learn more about  fractions and  time. As Scientists we will observe and grow plants looking at different plant habitats, make predictions and set up fair investigations to gather our results and make conclusions on growing conditions. We will take inspiration from the art of Georgia O'Keefe to paint flowers and plants. We will be attending a Real PE afternoon in Cottesmore on Tuesday 7th May and May Dancing will be on Thursday 23rd May.  


Term 4

On 21 stMarch, the Tolethorpe Youth Drama Company will be conducting Introducing Shakespeare Workshops for KS2. The Kestrel’s workshop will be based on Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream therefore in Literacy, they will use Jane Considine’s three zones of writing - FANTASTICS, GRAMMARISTICS and BOOMTASTICS - to explore this humorous play.

In Maths the Kestrels will be tackling addition and subtraction of money and giving change, then measuring and comparing lengths and calculating perimeter.

In Science the Kestrels will be developing an understanding of light, reflection and observe changes in shadows.

During Shakespeare Week the whole school will create a display to celebrate his work. Kestrels will design and make a diorama shoebox of the magical setting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The term will end with a class production of Shakespeare Rocks. The Ospreys will be performing this with the Kestrels on 9 thand 10 th April. Look out for information about tickets closer to the dates. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget 1
Lest We Forget 2
Lest We Forget 3
Lest We Forget 4
Lest We Forget 5
Lest We Forget 6

Stone Age Day

Stone Age Day 1
Stone Age Day 2
Stone Age Day 3
Stone Age Day 4

Term 2

 Term 2 will start with the topic "Lest We Forget" we will visit Oakham County Museum to explore the Rutland Remembers Exhibition. We will look at our local historical website and the War Memorial to learn about the local people who went to war. In Literacy we will read a non-fiction text called "The Story of World War 1" by Richard Brassey. In Maths we will be continuing our rapid recall of multiplication and division facts alongside our addition and subtraction unit.  

As Scientists we will measure and learn more about our bones and muscles and how they work together.





Multiply by 4 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

Multiply by 4 and learn the 4 times table with a tropical beat.

Multiply by 8 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

This multiplication song for 8 gives the multiplication facts for the 8 times table.

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