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Hello and welcome to the Kestrels' page! We are a Year 3 class containing 30 children. Mrs Young is our class teacher and Miss Calton is our TA. 

This year we will be continuing to tweet so don't forget you can follow us on Twitter. Our twitter name is @kestrelsketton. Send a follow request and you can keep up to date with what we are doing in the classroom as it happens!


Homework will be given out on a Friday and it will be based on topics we have covered during the last week. We each have a homework book to complete our homework in. Part of our homework is also to learn spellings which are based on the spelling pattern or spelling rule we have been focusing on during the previous week. We will also have a set of tricky words to practise. 

In Kestrels we need to read our reading books at home every night. It is up to us to remember to ask to change our reading books when we finish them. We have guided reading sessions each week. These sessions provide an opportunity to develop our reading comprehension skills.


Epic Learning- Barry's Fishatron 3,000 vehicle is ready for him to travel around our world . We will collect fuel pods for him through our work on the 6 Rs- being ready, resilient, responsible, resourceful, reflective and respectful. Our focus for Term 6 is "Reflection".


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Term 6

For our topic work this term the Kestrels will continue exploring Ancient Egypt. We will be learning about Ancient Egyptian Gods and the Afterlife, making Canopic Jars from clay and designing shadufs. Continuing with this theme, in Literacy the Kestrels will follow the adventures of Ka the Time Travelling Cat who travels back in time to visit Ancient Egypt. We will explore how the author, Julia Jarmin, uses accurate historical dates and facts such character’s clothes, speech and mannerisms to reflect this time period.

In Maths we will be continuing with fractions, time and exploring shape and measures. Our planting has been successful and in Science we will learn about the life cycle of flowering plants, pollination and seed dispersal. We will look at the artist Georgia O’Keefe to observe closely then sketch and paint flowers. Of course we will be learning more about Russia as we follow the events of the exciting World Cup2018.



Ancient Egyptian Day- Monday 18th June

French Day- Tuesday 19th June

KS2 Athletics Day -25th June

Sports Day- 3rd July (reserve day 17th July)

Ancient Egyptian Day

Ancient Egyptian Day 1

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