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Term 6

 It is going to be a very busy final term for the Kestrels. We have our Sports Day on 13th July and a Sports Festival for all Key Stage 2 in Corby on 28th June. The same week we are visiting Stibbington for a History Day on The Romans on Friday 30th June. We are also expecting an exciting time when  our Cottesmore Penpals visit us some time very soon. We will continue our Romans History topic, learn more about plants in Science and start to explore the Five Pillars of Islam. In Maths we will be measuring length, mass and capacity and in Literacy reading "Ottoline and the Yellow Cat" by Chris Riddell.    

Welcome to Kestrels!laugh


Hello and welcome to the Kestrels' page! We are a Year 3 class containing 25 children. Mrs Young is our class teacher and Mrs Roberts is our TA. 

This year we will be continuing to tweet so don't forget you can follow us on Twitter. Our twitter name is @kestrelsketton. Send a follow request and you can keep up to date with what we are doing in the classroom as it happens!


Homework will be given out on a Friday and it will be based on topics we have covered during the last week. We each have a homework book to complete our homework in. Part of our homework is also to learn spellings which are based on the spelling pattern or spelling rule we have been focusing on during the previous week. We will also have a set of tricky words to practise. 

In Kestrels we need to read our reading books at home every night. It is up to us to remember to ask to change our reading books when we finish them. We have guided reading sessions each week. These sessions provide an opportunity to develop our reading comprehension skills.


Epic Learning- Barry is back from his journey around the EPIC solar system and we are excited to find out about what other adventures he has planned. We will help him to prepare for these through our work on the 6 Rs- being ready, resilient, responsible, resourceful, reflective and respectful. Our focus for Term 4 is "Responsible".

Term 4

Our Topic this term is called "Lights, Camera, Action!" as we prepare music, props and action for our play on Tuesday 4th April. It is a swashbuckling musical adventure with a band of brave pirates and a crew of feisty mermaids set in Me Hearty High School. We also have a theatre trip to Uppingham on Tuesday 28th March and a vist to Oakham on Thursday 30th March to enjoy The Recorder Jamboree.

We will continue our Geography studying Ketton and how it has changed, then compare it to Hunstanton in Norfolk. In Science we will explore Light and Dark and in RE we will learn more about Easter.

Term 3

 Kestrels will be swimming this term on Monday afternoons, more details will be sent out this week. We will also start to learn Yoga on Thursdays.  We will be reading a non-fiction text called Where would you like to live? so we can learn more about paragraphs and headings. Our topic will have a  Geography focus as we start a UK study on Ketton. In Science we will be exploring forces and magnets and we will begin playing recorders in Music.

Term 2

We will continue our Stone Age journey moving through the Bronze Age and Iron Age studying Danebury Hill Fort and being history detectives with artefacts from the era.  In Science we will look at food groups, healthy bodies and compare the diets of different animals. We will gather, record and present our Science data and design our own healthy smoothies in D.T. 

English and Maths

We will recall and use multiplication and division facts in Maths solving problems, using arrays and different mental methods. We will start with reading the poems of Roger McGough and drafting our own sound catcher poem. 


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Term 5

We will be preparing our May Dance this term to perform on Thursday 25th May in the afternoon.  Our History topic will be "Veni, Vidi, Vici" we will read and write non-fiction texts as we explore Celtic and Roman lifestyles and the expansion of the Roman Empire. We will learn about Queen Boudicca and the Roman invasion of Britain. We are planning to be a Roman for the day and in Art we will design mosaics, outdoor sculptures and textile art. Keep looking out for Roman numerals too.

Pirates v Mermaids

Pirates v Mermaids 1
Pirates v Mermaids 2
Pirates v Mermaids 3
Pirates v Mermaids 4
Pirates v Mermaids 5
Pirates v Mermaids 6

Designing our own healthy smoothies

Designing our own healthy smoothies 1
Designing our own healthy smoothies 2
Designing our own healthy smoothies 3
Designing our own healthy smoothies 4

Christmas symbols

Christmas symbols  1
Christmas symbols  2
Christmas symbols  3

Christmas celebrations

Christmas celebrations 1
Christmas celebrations 2
Christmas celebrations 3