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Welcome to Eagles (Year 6)!


Welcome back!


Hello and welcome to Year 6 and another exciting term at Ketton Primary School. I hope you all had a fabulous summer holiday!


In our team we have 25 fantastic children, Mr Alfieri (Class Teacher), Ms Dimbleby (Teaching Assistant), Mr Aust (PE Coach) and Mrs Honerez (French Teacher). What an awesome bunch!




This term's Barry topic will be readiness! Let's get prepared for an awesome start to the year. We'll need to have a decent breakfast, drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep so that we are ready for anything!




In Year 6 we have a few pieces of homework each week.


Every week we will always have spellings and times tables to work on. Tests will be on Fridays. Remember, don't just practise for the tests! There is no point at all! A little bit of work each night will ensure that the spellings and times tables facts go into your long term memory. The score itself isn't actually important; what is important is how much you have improved.


Each week there will also be another small piece of homework. It could be a numeracy piece, a literacy piece or it might be to do with topic. The day it is due in will vary - just like in secondary school.


PE will be on Tuesdays (Mr Aust) and Thursdays (Mr Alfieri).


PPA this term will be on a Tuesday and will be French and PE!


Topic - I can't tell you that just yet! It would include SPOILERS!


I really can't wait to get started this year! I guarantee that if you try your best, ask lots of questions and remain positive, you will have a fantastic year and learn lots and lots of new, exciting things! Don't be afraid to make mistakes or worry if you don't understand; just be honest with me and we'll work together to crack it! Remember my catch phrase from Year 4? "The more you put in, the more you get out!" 


Let's do this!

Mr Alfieri