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Welcome to Eagles (Year 6)!


Hello and welcome to your final term at Ketton School!


In our team we have 25 fantastic children, Mr Alfieri (Class Teacher), Ms Dimbleby (Teaching Assistant), Mr Aust (PE Coach) and Mrs Honerez (French Teacher). What an awesome bunch!


Barry—This term's Barry topic will be Reflective. The children in the Eagles class will reflect on all of the Rs that we have looked at this year: Ready, Resilient, Responsible, Resourceful and Respect.


Homework—During this term, the children will be expected to read at least four times a week. They will also have homework based on their science topics, enterprise project and school play.


PEThis term your PE sessions will be on Wednesday (Mr Aust) and Thursdays (Mr Alfieri). Please have your PE kit in school everyday though as we may feel sporty on any day!


PPAI will be out of the class on a Wednesday afternoon and you will have Computing (which will be with Miss Dimbleby) and PE!


Topic - Enterprise


This term we will be working on various projects, but the big one will be an enterprise project. In groups of five, the children will work together to create a stall for Ketton Cement Open Day. They are an estimated 3000 people expected to attend so it is a great opportunity to make some money. The children will be given £20 per group and will have to work as a team to create an engaging stall that will make some money. They will be using many skills learned this year: mathematics, ICT, D&T, literacy and art!


We will also be working on some mini science topics with the main focus on planning and carrying out scientific investigations. These investigations will be about light and seeing, electricity and the heart.


On top of all that, the children in Year 6 will also be performing their school play: School Daze. The children have all got their scripts already so please start to look over them! The sooner you know your lines, the sooner you will be able to put that script down and get acting. 


Oh... and there's residential too! Wow! We really are going out with a bang!


Let's do this,

Mr Alfieri