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Welcome to Eagles (Year 6)!


Hello and welcome back to the beginning of a new and exciting academic year.  I am Miss Boothby - the new Year 6 class teacher - and I am looking forward to working with the 27 children in the class on our journey through Year 6.  Mrs Dimbleby will be joining us for this EPIC adventure and is the teaching assistant for Eagles class. 


Term 1



Our topic this term is: I'm an evacuee - get me out of here!  We will be learning all about the events of World War 2.  The children will be introduced to what it was like for children during wartime Britain on their trip to Lincolnsfield Children's Centre - here they will be totally immersed into life as an evacuee.



Using our topic as a stimulus, the children will be writing diary entries from World War 2.  They will be using the following key texts to support them in this: Anne Frank's Diary, MyStory: Battle of Britain and My Secret War.



We will be starting the year by revisiting our understanding of place value - looking at numbers to ten million!  We will then learn to order and compare these numbers.  Later in the term we will look at reasoning and problem solving using all four operations.



The hardest Maths challenge ever!! - First person to solve it gets 5 Dojo points


A 3 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number and the calculation is written out as shown below.
Each star like this stands for one digit. 


Apart from the zero shown the only digits which occur are 2, 3, 5 and 7. This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication.




Term 2


Our topic the term is It's Electrifying! Dare you enter the Dragon's Den and market your very own inventive festive lights decoration? We will be learning how to use motors, switches, bulbs and buzzers to make a product to present to the dragons.



Using our topic as a stimulus, the children will be writing persuasive pitches to convince the dragons that their product is the most worthy of investment.  They will also be writing persuasive radio advertisements in order to promote their product.



We will be learning all about Fractions in term 2.  This will involve: simplfying fractions, ordering and comparing fractions with both the same and different denominators, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions by other fractions and whole numbers and dividing fractions by whole numbers.


Term 3


Topic:  Our topic this term is an author study.  Our stimulus for the topic will be the book Eren by Simon P Clark.  This book will inspire the children to develop characters and settings beyond this world.  The children will have the opportunity to share their character and setting descriptions with the author himself when he visits the school in the last week of term! Children are welcome to buy their own copies of the book to be signed by the author during his visit.  We will also be entering the BBC's 500 word competition.  We will also be studying David Hockney's work to help the children to develop their own illustrations for their stories.


Literacy: Using our topic as a stimulus, the children will be writing stories to entertain.  They will use a range of figurative language and use dialogue to convey characters and advance action.  They will also develop their use of 'show not tell' sentences to develop their writing further.


Maths:  In maths this term we will be covering decimal numbers, percentages and algebra.  Decimal numbers and percentages will build on the children's knowledge and understanding of fractions from last term.  We will be looking at how to find the value of an unknown as well as place values into a given equation to find a solution.


Term 4


Our topic this term is 'Ketton's Guide to Europe'.  The children will work in pairs to become experts on a selected country in Europe.  They will need to find out the following key information about their selected country:

  • Where is their country on a world map?
  • What is the countries capital city?  What other cities are there?
  • Does the country border any other countries?
  • What are the human and physical characteristics?
  • How is the country run?
  • What is the culture and food like?
  • What are the county's main languages and religions?


The children will be working towards inviting their friends and family to an exhibition show casing their work towards the end of term.  


Literacy:  Using our topic as a stimulus, the children will learn how to write informative non-chronological reports and a balanced arguement.  The children will have their work published as an information book!  


Maths: The children will start the term looking at 'converting units'.  This will focus on both metric and imperial measures and how to convert and calculate using them.  We will also look at the relationship between miles and kilometers.  We will then move onto revising area and perimeter from Year 5 as well as learning how to calculate the volume of a shape.  


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