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Welcome to the Falcons class page! 


This year in the Falcons!


Hello and welcome back to another academic year at Ketton School!

We have a great team this year with 25 Falcons! Mrs Roberts will be working with the class during the morning sessions as classroom assistant and the class will also have the opportunity to work with specialist PE and French teachers! Oh, and I'm the class teacher - Mr Starkey!


Term 6

Welcome back to our final half term block of this academic year! We have another brilliant term ahead of us with exciting opportunities like the residential trip and performing plays to look forward to.


Our topic this term is based around our play - 'Let the games begin!' As part of the topic, the children will be designing and making all the scenery and back drops for our play, as well as producing lots of advertising materials for it too.


During literacy sessions, the children will unpick the play script and begin using their fiction writing skills to rewrite the play as a narrative. Once the children have rewritten the final scene of the play, we will send off our versions to the writers and see what they think! After these sessions, we will produce two more pieces of writing: a newspaper report as well as a persuasive writing piece.


In maths, we will test out our skills of reflection and translation of shapes on grids, as well as working with coordinates too. During the final weeks of term, the children will recap their knowledge of area and perimeter, begin to work with volume and finally finish by converting units.



  • A residential meeting is booked for Friday 7th June @ 2:45pm.
  • Our focus this term is Reflective.
  • Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday.


Term 5

Our topic this term is 'Rutland Ospreys'. This is a fascinating topic where the children can learn all about how the Rutland Osprey Project was first set up and how the staff there monitor and work alongside the ospreys. We will be looking scientifically about habitats and life cycles, as well as discussing how the ospreys have adapted to their habitats. We will build on our non-fiction writing from last term by writing scientific reports about the birds. Please note our trip to Rutland Lyndon Centre is booked for Friday 17th May.


During literacy sessions, we will delve into the world of fiction writing once again. The class will carry out book talk sessions, focusing on Micheal Morpurgo's work. Then, the children will apply what they have learned and discussed by writing stories of their own.


In maths, our focus is based around shapes! The class will continue to look at different properties of shapes and also get to use a protractor to measure and draw given angles. We will also look at translation and reflection of shapes.



  • We will focus on being Responsible learners this term
  • Our PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays - please be prepared for outdoor PE
  • Keep an eye out for information regarding our residential trip in term 6
  • Our May dance is Thursday 23rd May


Term 4


Our focus during our literacy and topic sessions during term 4 is 'Kettons' Guide to Europe!' This is a topic that will improve our geography skills whilst learning about a specific country throughout Europe. We will then produce a fantastic Informative Guide to all the different countries within Europe and we will publish it. Note to parents: this will be available to buy once printed by a professional publishers!


During maths sessions, we will build on our learning in fractions and begin linking this to decimals and percentages. Also, during Friday maths sessions, we will consolidate our learning from our number work from before Christmas.



  • We will be taking part in the Spotlight Dance Show during the last week of term - more info to follow
  • PE will be on Tuesday and Fridays (French will also be on a Tuesday)
  • Our focus for the term is Resourcefulness and Mutual Respect.


Mr Starkey


Term 3


Our focus for term 3 in literacy and the afternoon sessions will be the BBC's 500 word story writing competition. We are using the book 'Eren - by Simon P. Clark' as a stimulus to get our imaginations running wild! 


In maths, the children will delve into the world of fractions, decimals and percentages. We will get to grips with what they are and how and when they are used in the real world. By the end, we will be getting stuck into some fantastic problem solving tasks.


Other important information includes:

  • PE will be done on a Wednesday and Friday;
  • Our termly R is resilience;
  • Please keep an eye out for Young Voices and Residential information throughout the term.


Mr Starkey


Term 1




Our topic for the first half term is 'I'm an evacuee - get me out of here!' During our history themed sessions, we will learn about the key events of World War II as well as comparing the lives of evacuees to our own ones!



In maths, we will get stuck into numbers right away! Our place value and rounding skills will be put to the test before moving into the world of negative numbers too. Finally, we will start calculating with numbers before the end of term.



Our first writing topic will be all about diaries! Once we have read and discussed their key features, we will have a go at writing one from the perspective of an evacuee during WW2 - exciting!


Anything else...

  • PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays this term - please be prepared for indoor or outdoor.
  • Homework will be handed out on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Friday for self-marking.
  • Ask your children about our new ClassDojo and how we can collect 'Ready to learn' Dojo points for fantastic prizes!


Please feel free to drop in and see me if you have any questions!


Mr Starkey



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Residential trip!

Moving into year 5 is exciting for many reasons - the school residential trip is no exception! We will be releasing further information throughout the year, closer to the date...

Below are examples of the fun activities that take place during these trips!

2016 trip to Ilam Hall

2016 trip to Ilam Hall  1
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  2
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  3
2016 trip to Ilam Hall  4
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