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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 5

We start this Term with our Year 4 Residential Trip – what a great way to start term 5! Big zipper, high ropes, orienteering to name but a few of the exciting activities we will be participating in. I can’t wait!


The theme for this term is ‘Looking after our Planet.’ In Science the Ospreys will investigate living things and their habitats. They will learn about wildlife and their habitats - how their environments have changed and what we can do to help them.


In line with this Term’s theme, in Design and Technology the Ospreys will design and make a lever and linkage poster which will promote recycling.


In English this term, we will explore the use of imagery in poetry. Our poetry journey will be aided by the wonderful anthology of poems Poems from a Green and Blue Planet by Sabrina Mahfouz and Pie Corbett’s The Works.

We also have another awesome class read The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman. We will use this text to inspire our diary writing.


In Maths the Ospreys will be learning more about decimals. They will find links between tenths and hundredths; compare and order decimals, round decimals and find equivalent decimal fractions. Decimals, decimals and more decimals!


In RE they will continue exploring ‘How and why do people show their commitments during the journey of life?’ This unit enables the Ospreys to learn from different religious and spiritual ways of life, relating to milestones on the journey of life. Through exploring baptism, Amrit Sanskar and marriage, they will learn how and why people show their commitments during the journey of life.


We will have PE on Monday and Thursday afternoons this term. On both days the Ospreys will be doing Athletics where they will learn a variety of running, jumping and throwing techniques. 


We have an exciting Term ahead of us - let's get started! wink





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