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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 1

We start the year learning about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age, where we aim to answer the enquiry question - When do you think it was better to live - Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age? This subject provides opportunities for the Ospreys to become History detectives - tracking three aspects of life - homes, tools and food to learn about continuity and change/similarity and difference in each of these eras. Our topic will finish with a visit from Portals to the Past who will provide an immersive and inspiring history workshop to consolidate the Osprey’s learning.


We will continue with this historical theme in English by using Jane Considine’s three zones of writing to explore the classic story Stig of the Dump by Clive King. It follows the adventures of Barney who discovers a Stone Age man living in a chalk pit. We will also use Jane Considine’s Reading Rainbow to explore our class read, The Wild Way Home by Sophie Kirtley and compare it with Stig of the Dump.


In Maths we have a busy term! We will revisit and consolidate place value and learn how to add and subtract numbers with up to 4 digits using the formal written methods of column addition and subtraction.  We will also be working hard at learning to recall and use multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12x12.


Science - what happens to my food? In order to answer this enquiry question the Ospreys will investigate the digestive system. They will conduct a comparative experiment looking into the importance of keeping our teeth healthy. During the course of their studies they will also construct and interpret a variety of food chains.


Phew a busy term ahead! yes



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