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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 4

We start Term 4 with a Geography topic where we will explore the world beyond Europe by visiting the continent of Asia. Our aim is to answer the enquiry question - how does water travel around the world?  In order to answer this question we will learn about the water cycle and the importance of water as a resource.


In English the Ospreys will explore the beautiful picture book The Whale by Vita and Ethan Murrow. We will use this book as a driver to create some setting descriptions and a newspaper report.


In Maths the Ospreys will be learning about fractions and decimals. They will find links between tenths and hundredths; identify equivalent fractions; learn to simplify fractions and explore fractions that are greater than 1.   Once they have mastered this they will then learn how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator; learn how to subtract a fraction from a whole number and understand how to find a fraction of an amount. Fractions, fractions and more fractions!


The Ospreys also have Design and Technology this term. The enquiry question for this topic is ‘Can you design a tasty lunchtime snack?’ They will investigate different sandwich fillings and different ways to make a sandwich.  They will develop an understanding of what healthy eating is and what seasonality is. 


In RE the Ospreys will be exploring why Christians remember the events of  Holy Week every year.  The idea of salvation and the events of Holy Week are at the centre of Christian belief. They will explore readings from Mathew, Luke and John about Palm Sunday, the Last Supper and the Resurrection.


We will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this term. On Wednesdays the Ospreys will be doing Orienteering. They will learn how to use directional language to effectively navigate and they will demonstrate a range of effective teamwork skills. On Thursdays they will doing Gymnastics where they will create and perform a floor sequence of 4–6 actions combining various types of rotational actions.


On Tuesday mornings Mrs Honorez will be teaching French and to top off this busy Term we also have our class production ‘Rock Bottom’.  

An incredibly busy Term ahead of us! yes

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