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Ketton C of E Primary School


Hello and welcome to the Owls!


We are a class of 28 children. Our teacher is called Miss Hatton and Mrs Cherry is our teaching assistant.


This year promises to be an exciting, fun filled year. To help you to keep up to date with what is happening in the classroom, we will be using Class Dojo.



In the Owls, our P.E. day is Monday. Please make sure you remember to come to school in your P.E. kit on this day. P.E. will be taking place outside at the moment so remember to make sure you have warm clothes and your trainers.



There are lots of opportunities for reading in the Owls. This year we continue to use our phonics to help us to decode unknown words and develop our comprehension skills further by talking about what we have read and making predictions using clues in the text to help us. From Term 2, the Owls will be bringing home a book mark with questions on it that you can use to talk about your child's reading book when they read at home. At the moment, the Owls will bring home a new reading book each Monday. In order for your child to increase the reading fluency and word recognition, it is important that they read their reading book more than once during the week. Books are to be brought back into school on Friday so that they can be quarantined before being sent home again on Monday. As well as reading their school reading book, your child can also read other books that you have at home. These reads can be recorded in your child's reading record too and will count towards their bronze, silver and gold reading stars.


Reading awards:

In the Owls, the children start to achieve their reading awards. Each time your child reads their reading book it counts towards the number of reads needed to attain a reading star, as long as the reading time is for a minimum of 10 minutes. To attain a bronze star your child needs to read 50 times, for a silver star it is 100 times and a gold star is for 150 reads. 


EPIC Learning

In the Owls we are Ready, Respectful, Resilient, Resourceful, Responsible and Reflective learners. Each term we will be focusing on one of our Rs. In term 3, we will be thinking about what it means to be 'responsible'.



Happy New Year to you all and welcome to Term 3. This term we will continuing our learning linked to the seasons with a focus on Winter. Our Science learning will then continue with a focus on animals and we will look at how scientists group and classify animals. We will then be looking at the diets of different animas and using this to determine whether an animal is a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore. 


In English we will be using our learning in Science to write a non-chronological report about animals and in Maths we will be continuing our number focus by consolidating our learning on addition and subtraction before moving onto the place value of numbers up to 20. 


If at any point this term we have to move to remote learning then I will use Class Dojo to set learning challenges. This will be similar to how Mrs Howard set learning challenges during lockdown last year. You will also be able to contact me using Class Dojo during this time. 


Term 2

Term 2 is always a busy term in the Owls and this year is no different! We will start the term off with a quick mini topic linked to seasonal changes. We will be thinking about what changes happen during Autumn. This forms part of our Science learning in Year 1 and we will revisit this topic throughout the year as the seasons change. Our next area of focus will be History based as we carry out learning linked to Remembrance. We will start by answering the question "Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?" before moving onto answering our next enquiry question "Why do we wear poppies at this time?" Throughout this topic we will be developing our skills as History detectives by asking and answering questions about different historical sources. As we reach the end of term, we will also be thinking about Christmas in R.E. and doing lots of Christmas crafts and activities. 


In our Maths learning this term we will be looking at partitioning the numbers up to 10 using a part whole model and we will look at addition and subtraction using these numbers.


In English, we start off by writing senses poems with an Autumn and Bonfire Night theme and then we will then begin a story writing unit using the picture book The Train Ride as a stimulus. We will build up the story together using the FANTASTICS to help us to write descriptive sentences then we will finish by writing our own story about a hot air balloon ride.


Wow! This promises to be a great term. I can't wait to get started!


Term 1

This term we will be starting with a topic called Introducing Me! This topic will incorporate elements of the Science, Geography, Art and ICT curriculum  In Science we will be learning the names of the parts of our body and the names of our different senses and in Geography we will be completing a locality study. Our lessons will be focused on what our village is like. We will be drawing self portraits in Art and in ICT we will start to learn about algorithms by writing a program to help us to get ready for school! 

In English we will start by looking at writing lists, labels and captions. We will be focusing on writing simple sentences with capital letters at the start and full stops at the end. Our unit will finish with us creating an information booklet all about ourselves. 

In Maths we will start off with a number block that revisits and recaps our learning in the Flamingos. It will focus on the numbers up to 10. Within this unit, we will be sorting objects, counting objects, writing numbers, counting forwards and backwards, comparing amounts and ordering numbers. We will also look at representing numbers in lots of different ways, using lots of different apparatus. 


I can't wait to get started on our EPIC learning adventure! See you all on Tuesday 1st September!


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