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​​​​​​Term 6

Welcome back to the final term of the year. What a great year it has been, but once again it has gone far too quickly!

This term our topic is 'Living Things' where we will be out and about in the school grounds identifying and investigating different plants and animals that we find. We will be making careful observational drawings of these in art, as well as making different 3D models of minibeasts. We will also look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and try creating our own natural sculptures.

In our Literacy lessons we will base our writing around a story called Beegu and in Maths we will start with a unit on Position and Direction before moving on to Place Value within 100.

Our final 'R' of the year is being Reflective and we hope to work together to earn enough Barry Points for one more whole class treat.


Term 5

Welcome back to Term 5 in the Owls. This term our topic is  'All Around the UK'. This is a Geography based topic where we will be learning about the countries and capital cities in the UK. We will look at famous landmarks and different traditions for each country. Our Literacy work will begin with looking the text 'The Queen's Hat' and in Maths we will be thinking about multiplication and division. We will also be busy learning and practising a dance for our May Dancing celebrations on 23rd May. We look forward to seeing you there!


Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4 in the Owls and welcome back to Miss Hughes who rejoins us after spending the previous term in a different school.

This term our topic is called 'Fire Fire' and the main focus of this will be History where we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. We will become History detectives where we will look at different sources of evidence to help us ask and answer questions about the fire. We will begin the topic by baking bread and the end of the topic will involve a visit by the Fire Brigade when we will be able to make comparisons between fire fighting now and then.

Our English work will begin with a unit on poetry and we will then move on to non fiction writing where our work will be focussed around the text 'A day in the life of a Firefighter'. In Maths we will be working on Place Value in numbers to 50 and then moving on to Weight and Volume.

Our whole school focus this term is on being Responsible learners.

Term 3

Happy New Year and welcome back to term 3 in the Owls!

This term our topic is 'Toys'. We will begin the topic by sharing some of the toys we were lucky to get at Christmas. We will then think about how these toys are different to the ones our Parents and Grandparents played with, so be prepared to be asked some questions! Also, if you have any old toys or photos of toys that we could look at in school, we would be very grateful. We will also be using our toys as a start to looking at materials and their properties in science. 

In our Literacy work this term we will be thinking about Traditional tales, beginning with Goldilocks and ending with the Gingerbread Man. We hope to make our own Gingerbread Man hand puppets in DT too!

In our Maths work we will begin looking at addition and subtraction within 20, where the focus will be adding by counting on, before moving on to measure and then finally we will begin our unit on place value to 50.

This term our whole school focus is on being RESILIENT. Last term we managed to earn 100 Barry points which earned us a whole class treat, and we look forward to working together as a team to earn even more Barry points this term. Go Owls!

Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2 in the Owls. 

This term our topic is 'Festivals and Celebrations'. We will begin this by making cakes for our own 'welcome back to school' party! This will lead us to think about why and when we celebrate different occassions. We will think about Divali and Hannukah and how they are celebrated and we will also look at ways in which Christmas was celebrated in the past. We will, of course, also be busy this term rehearsing our Christmas play which we hope you will enjoy watching!


Our whole school focus this term is being Respectful and the Owls will be thinking how we can be kind to each other everyday.  Mrs Howard will be keeping a careful eye out for children showing respect and she will be awarding Dojo points for this.


Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to see examples of the things that we do day to day.

Term 1


Hello and Welcome to the Owls class. There are 30 children in our class. Mrs Howard is the Class Teacher and Mrs Cherry is the Teaching Assistant. We are also lucky to be joined by Miss Hughes this year, a student teacher. Please follow us on Twitter  @Owlsketton


Our first topic is called "Superheroes" which we are starting with a come to school dressed as a superhero day on September 5th. During this topic we will be thinking about ourselves as super and identifying and naming parts of the body as well as exploring our 5 senses in Science. We will also look at how we have changed from babies to now. We will think about real life superheroes such as Doctors and Nurses, and this will lead us to look at the life and work of Florence Nightingale in History. In DT we will design and make our own superhero vehicles and we will think about healthy eating by making healthy snacks to enjoy at the end of term.


PE lessons will be on a Monday and a Thursday this year. Please can PE kits be in school on those days, with plimsolls for indoor PE and trainers for PE outside.


The very popular reading challenge will continue this year. Each time your child reads for 10 minutes - either their school reading book, or a book from home/the library - this can be recorded in their reading record book. When they reach 50 reads they receive a bronze star in a special assembly which parents are invited to. 100 reads earns a silver star and 150 reads earns a gold star! We find this really motivates the children in their early stages of reading, and your support with this at home is greatly appreciated. 

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