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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 1

Term 1

The first term as an Eagle looks super exciting!   


In History...
We will be starting the year by becoming historical detectives in our first topic exploring Ancient Greece. The Eagles will be delving deep into a historical enquiry to find out ‘What do we have in our lives today that we can thank the Ancient Greeks for?’. We will be investigating where the Ancient Greeks fit into world history, how Ancient life is different to the modern world we live in today and investigate what legacies the Ancient Greeks have left behind.  


In English...

Using our topic as a stimulus, the Eagles will produce a number of pieces of writing this term all linking to our class book – Who Let The Gods out by Maz Evans. We will spend a lot of time exploring this book in detail in our reading sessions too – it is one of Mrs Burgess’ favourites!! In our English lessons, we will start the year by spending time recapping and consolidating our understanding on a range of grammar, punctuation and spelling work which we have learnt in previous year groups before being introduced to new Year 6 targets to help us further develop our writing.


In Maths...

We will be starting the year by revisiting our understanding of place value - looking at numbers to ten million! We will then learn to order and compare these numbers.  Later in the term we will look at reasoning and problem solving using all four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and addition. 


In Science...

We will begin our work in Science in Year 6 by studying light.  Our science lessons will explore refraction of light and how shadows work. We will also look at the life of David Brewster who was influential in the science of physics with his work on the polarisation of light. Some very exciting experiments will take place!


In RE...

We will be debating, thinking and discussing what Christians really believe about the ‘beginning’. Is it possible to be a Christian and a scientist? How did the world really begin? These are examples of the questions we shall be discussing whilst we explore the Creation Story this term. 


In PE...

We will be kick starting ( 😉 ) the year with Invasion Games and in these lessons we will develop our tag rugby skills and showing consistent control in all these areas. We will learn the rules of how to play tag rugby and apply the basic principles of team play to game situations. We will also have dance lessons delivered by Rutland Dance. PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays so please wear your full school PE kit to school on both of these days. 


In DT....

We will be exploring Culture and Seasonality in a DT Food unit this term - what could possibly be better than learning about FOOD? We will learn about the principles of a healthy and varied diet. We will then move on to explore seasonality and understand the importance of different ingredients and finally we will create our own design criteria, follow a recipe and then present our food product at a food festival towards the end of term and yes, parents, you will be invited!! 😊


Wow!! We have a lot planned. Lets get started!

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