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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 6


This term in English, the Ospreys will be doing some biography writing. To enhance our enjoyment of the summer Olympics in Japan, the Ospreys will explore the biography of Jesse Owens and then write one for an Olympian of their choice.

For our class read, the Ospreys will use Jane Considine’s Reading Rainbow to continue to explore  Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.


In Maths, the Ospreys have a very busy term! They will be exploring ‘money’ where they will learn how to convert pounds to pence and vice versa. They will round amounts to the nearest £1 and the nearest 10p to help them to estimate totals and they will compare and order amounts of money. They will also be exploring ‘Time’ – here they will convert seconds to minutes and minutes to hours. They will also convert between longer periods of time – days/weeks/months/years. The Ospreys will be able to tell you both analogue and digital time including the 24hour clock. Finally they will also be exploring ‘geometry’ – here they will investigate angles, and different types of triangles and quadrilaterals. They will also be reading and writing coordinates of positions in the first quadrant. I did say they would be busy!


In Geography, the Ospreys will learn about distribution of food and water –


In Science the Ospreys will investigate living things and their habitats. They will learn about wildlife and their habitats - how their environments have changed and what we can do to help them. We will consolidate our learning with a field trip to Deene Park.


Finally, in DT the Ospreys will explore simple pneumatic systems with a view to create a moving creature.  This will be linked to our Science topic living things and their habitats, ie a rabbit leaving its burrow. I can't wait to see what the Ospreys create.


Phew busy final term ahead so let’s get started! yes

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