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Welcome to the Foundation Class

The Foundation Class is also known as 'Flamingos' and this year there are 28 very lively, fun loving Flamingos! Mrs Howard is the class teacher and the children are also supported by Mrs Bexson and Mrs Halford.  Mrs Williamson is the class teacher on Fridays. 


Term One


We are very excited about the start of term and can't wait to get to know our new Flamingos. The children will have a gentle start to school, allowing staff to spend quality time with individuals and allowing children to feel happy, safe and secure.

We hope to get to meet families too and spend time in our 'settling in meetings' during week 3 working together to support our new starters. Please contact the office to arrange your meeting if you haven't already done so. 

On the 11th September we will be hosting our Flamingo Family sausage sizzle. Come along and meet other new families. It's a great way to get to know the school and to start to feel part of our community. Details will be sent home soon.


Please make sure your child is familiar with their school belongings and know where to find their name labels or identifying features! Please don't forget to label everything!


All information can be found in the booklets you received in your school packs. Any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the EYFS Team who are always happy to listen 😀

Term 2

Welcome back to term 2 in the Flamingos. It is going to be such an exciting and busy term!

The children have chosen the topic ‘Space’ for the term and they have lots of ideas of what they would like to explore, including turning our role play area into ‘Mission Control’! During the topic we will be investigating, researching and problem solving to help answer all the questions we have about space. We will read lots of stories about space, aliens and adventures as well as discovering facts about space using non-fiction texts. If you have any books at home that you are happy to share that would be very much appreciated.

In our phonics sessions we will continue to learn new sounds, and these will continue to be sent home weekly in the blue books for your children to practice writing them at home if they wish. We will also begin introducing reading books when your child is ready as well as tricky words on a key ring for your child to practice. Please look out for these in the book bags.

PE sessions will now be weekly on a Wednesday so please return the PE bags with named PE shorts, T shirt and plimsolls. Spare underwear in these bags is very useful too!

Our whole school behaviour focus this term is being Respectful so we will continue to focus on this in class by remembering our manners as well as being kind and thoughtful towards all of out Flamingo friends.


Happy New Year and welcome to Term 3


We are looking forward to another exciting term ahead. During our first few days back at school we will focus on our new learning behaviour – Being Resourceful. We will look at what being resourceful means – using the equipment and displays in the classroom as well as outside to help us with our learning as well as asking our Flamingo friends for help.


 Our topic this term will be based around the weather this time of year which has been entitled ‘Brr it’s cold outside’! We will be enriching our story times with a good mixture of fiction and non fiction books; enabling us the opportunity to think about the wider world and how the cold weather effects different environments. During the term the children will have the opportunity to explore their own interests within this topic from exploring ice, investigating polar animals and developing our role play area by making props to support their play. If there is anything your child would like to explore/investigate regarding our winter topic please encourage them to come and tell us so that we can support and extend their interests. During the  term we will also learn about how the Chinese celebrate their New Year. 


Within literacy we continue blending out sounds and using our phonic knowledge to read and write simple regular words as well as introducing more tricky words Watch out for these in your children's book bags. It would be great if you could practice these regularly.  We will also continue to learn our phase 3 sounds. 


We will continue learning our maths through our ‘Power Maths’ programme where we will focus on number bonds within 5 , numbers to 10,  positional language and 3D  and 2D shapes.


PE will continue to be on a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. We are also lucky enough to have a 4 week block of balance bike activities which will take place in the school hall. The children will recieve expert tuition and guidance on using balance bikes from instructors from the LA. Please look in book bags for more information about this. 

Term 4

We are looking forward to another exciting term ahead. During the first few days back we will focus on our new learning behaviour - Being Resilient: this will help us to think about how we can try new things and not give up. Our motto in the Flamingos is – we don’t say ‘I can’t’, we say ‘I will try’! We will also learn about our Christian and British Values for the term which are Loyalty, Trust and Mutual Respect.

This term our topic will be ‘Superheroes’.  We will be thinking about what qualities do we need to be a Superhero, who might we save, how will we save them etc.  This topic is going to help us to develop a greater love of stories and will provide us with lots of opportunities to not only become our own Superhero but also become authors and create our own Superhero adventures.

We have now learnt all of the Phase 2 and 3 sounds in our Phonics lessons and this term we will move onto Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. We will also continue to introduce more tricky words and add these to the children’s key rings as we do so. These are words that the children need to know by sight as they cannot be sounded out. The more they practise the easier it becomes to recognise these words for reading and writing.

In our Maths lessons this term we will continue to think about number bonds to 10 using a part-whole model to break 10 into two parts. We will then move on to our shape and space unit where we will investigate positional language then both 3D and 2D shapes.

Throughout the term we are going to be discussing what being healthy means. In the classroom, we will be talking about eating healthily and in our PE sessions we will be keeping superhero fit. PE will continue to be on a Wednesday morning. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school at all times. We will also begin to think about what foods we can grow at school.

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