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Welcome to the Foundation Class

The Foundation Class is also known as 'Flamingos' and this year there are 29 very lively, fun loving Flamingos! Mrs Jordan is the class teacher and the children are also supported by Mrs Carpenter and Mrs Duggins who job share and Mrs Halford who works in Flamingos all week.  Mrs Williamson is the class teacher on Fridays and she supports the children with their numeracy skills in the morning and organises ICT, Music and 'food' enrichment activities during the afternoon. 

Term One

We are very excited about the start of term and can't wait to get to know our new Flamingos. The children will have a gentle start to school, allowing staff to spend quality time with individuals and allowing children to feel happy, safe and secure.

We hope to get to meet families too and spend time in our 'settling in meetings' working together to support our new starters. Please contact the office to arrange your meeting. These happen during the first 3 weeks of term. 

On the 14th September we will be hosting our Flamingo Family sausage sizzle. Come along and meet other new families. It's a great way to get to know the school and to start to feel part of our community. Details will be sent home soon.

Families receive regular email updates of the activities their children have been involved in with a chance to email back pictures and messages to show how they have been supporting learning at home too. Children love to show and talk about their pictures on the class whiteboard.


Term Two

It's most certainly an exciting term! Children will begin their reading adventure and receive "reading ditties" to share with families at home.  A workshop for parents on how reading is taught in school is also available. This will provide families with ways they can support reading at home. 


Children will continue to have ‘Real PE’ in the hall on Wednesday mornings will also participate in ‘Write Dance’ which is a physically active programme supporting children’s readiness for writing. Please make sure all PE kits are clearly named AND all school uniform. It is helpful for children to know where to look for labels/identifying marks to help them find the correct clothes. 


Families are also invited to spend time with children exploring physical development and readiness for writing. This which will provide families with ways they can support readiness for writing at home in fun and exciting ways. Ways to support formal writing once children are ready will also be provided.


This term we shall be introducing our new electronic Learning Journey. Target Tracker will allow families to log into their child’s page and look at photographs and observations. This will allow families to keep in touch with their child’s unique and individual learning experiences. Our pic collages will continue to inform families on everyday classroom adventures! 

This term we are also fortunate to have been selected to take part in balance bike activities. The children will receive expert tuition and guidance on using balance bikes. Families will receive more information nearer the time. 


 Flamingos will also begin to prepare for our Christmas Nativity Play. Watch this space!


Our whole school EPIC Learning focus is how to be respectful. Children will be exploring ways we can show respect to each other, how we can respect our school, home and wider environment.


Term Three

We shall start the term with an open ended question “What should we look after?” Children will be able to plan and organise their learning around this theme. We hope to talk about looking after our planet and initiate lots of ‘green’ ideas. Looking after ourselves and our well being will also be a focus. 


To begin with children will have a village shop as a role play theme. Flamingos will organise this and it will be adapted as they develop their ideas; most likely being stocked with all the things required to look after everyone and everything!! 


Yoga, Write Dance and Squiglet will continue this term to support and develop gross and fine motor skills.


During the first week children will complete some informal assessments to allow next steps to be planned. This will include sound and letter recognition, reading tricky words, recognising numbers etc. Once assessments have taken place, reading will commence as usual and new ditties will be sent home. Children will also be introduced to reading books at some point this term. 


Once notified, children may also bring ‘show and tell’ items to school. We encourage special or important items to be shown. Sometimes children are encouraged to bring in objects/pictures connected to any topics being discussed at school. 


This term we introduce our ‘Wakey Shakey’  starts to the morning and children will also have a ‘buddy’ to sit with during listening times. 


Our Epic Learning focus is being resilient. Children are encouraged to have a go at things even when they are tricky. Bob the Builder is a role model who encourages us not to give up and if we keep trying then we can do it!

Term 4

Families will be joining us for a 'Letters and Sounds' session shortly to help support children at home with phonic skills for reading and writing. This term has a big focus on developing these skills. Children will also focus on ways that they can be resourceful learners as part of our EPIC Learning. Children want to continue to explore looking after our world including minibeasts! 

Term 5

This term we see Flamingos showing their independence. Our 'being responsible' focus really supports this. This term EYFS children from Whissendine Primary school come and spend a day with us. We explore and learn together. A great opportunity for Flamingos to use all of their EPIC learning skills!  Children are still very keen to explore living things but we may also add a  magical fairy tale twist to develop children's language and writing skills! We have a big focus on writing and exploring numbers 0-20 including halving and sharing in practical situations. Families will be invited to May Dancing this term too. Children will learn a dance to perform to families. This year our parent, Mrs Holmes, is working with Flamingos to create a very special dance. 


Term 6

Our last term together is finally here pastedGraphic.png but Flamingo children still have lots of exciting opportunities to  look forward to. Children from Whissendine Primary School will be visiting us and we also visit Hanson Cement to look at their vehicles and see if we can find any fossils. There is Sports Day this term too.We will also start to have visits from children starting school in September. This is an great opportunity for the current Flamingos to show their EPIC learning skills. Children will also begin to spend some time in the Zoey’s classroom. A focus on being reflective this term helps us think about and combine everything we have learnt about how to be a good learner. Mrs Jordan will begin to spend some time with new families as well as visiting pre school settings. Families will also receive an end of year report to celebrate a fantastic year at school.

Our topic will be ‘Wheels’ this term and we hope to have lots of interesting vehicles to look at. Please let Mrs Jordan know if you have anything interesting to share. We aim to finish the topic with a ‘bring your wheels to school day.’

Any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the EYFS Team who are always happy to listen 😀


Flamingos will have PE every Wednesday morning, working with Mrs Carpenter and Mr Aust (who supports PE in school). We do like to keep PE kits in all school week and will send them home at the end of each term for washing. Please make sure your child has a complete set of spare underwear in their PE bag.


We encourage families to send a huge variety of photographs and information from home. 

During snowy days it’s useful for children to come to school in warmer joggers etc and have spare socks and school uniform trousers/skirts to change into. As children often go out more than once it is useful to have a few pairs of spare socks.


Please make sure your child is familiar with their school belongings and know where to find their name labels or identifying features!


All information can be found in the booklets you received in your school packs. Any questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the EYFS Team who are always happy to listen 😀

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