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Ketton C of E Primary School


March 2023 updates and advice for parents, carers on Building Healthy Relationships whilst Socialising Online.


Resources for Parents, Carers about live-streaming


Resources for Parents, Carers from North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnership


Information and advice about healthy on-line relationships from the Information Commissioners Office.


Fortnite – What parents need to know.


Advice and guidance on on-line activities from the NSPCC

Advice note from Leicestershire Police

An active online experience in now a fundamental part of our children's lives, both in and outside school. Teaching our children how to be safe online, is just as important as road safety or stranger danger.


Below are a range of links to allow you to introduce the concepts of eSafety to your children.


They cover the full primary age range so please view and select the most appropriate for your child.

There are many resources online to help you make the internet a safe and rewarding place for your children. Here are a few:

Contact Details and Useful Links