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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 6

Term 6

This term our theme is

Our Wonderful World!

What an exciting term we have ahead of us Kingfishers!

School trips, an Athletics Festival, sports day and some special visitors!    There's a lot to look forward to!


In Sciencewe will start the term by thinking about the question 'What makes somewhere a good place to live?'. We will investigate a variety of world and local habitats to find out where different plants and animals live. We will learn how different habitats are suited to different living things and how these living things depend on each other. Using the idea of a food chain we will describe how animals obtain their food from plants and other animals. Leading on from this, we will investigate how the offspring of animals, including humans, change as they grow older. We will learn about the lifecycles of a variety of animals and observe that of a butterfly. 


In DTwe will be using the story After the Storm by Nick Butterworth as our inspiration. We will be learning how to build a vehicle with moving wheels in order to build Percy the park keeper a new trailer to replace his broken wheel barrow! We will start our journey by investigating what wheeled products and toys can be found in school. We will study them carefully and draw labelled diagrams showing the different parts. We will then learn how to make fixed and free axles before designing and making our own vehicle for Percy!


In Art this term, we will be thinking about how we can represent the world around us! We will start by looking at and discussing the work of Giuseppe Acrimboldo and how he represented what he could see.  We will then learn how to use a pencil to create different lines, patterns and tones on order to create our own still life drawings. 


In RE, we are continuing to think about our enquiry question How should we care for the world and why does it matter?'. We will further explore how the concept of caring springs from people's beliefs and how this in turn can turn into actions for many religious and non-religious people. We will learn about the lives of Mother Teresa and Dr Barnardo as well as stories Christian and Jewish people tell about the beginning of the world and how to treat the world.


In Englishwe will be reading and comparing a variety of the Lighthouse Keeper stories by David and Rhonda Armitage. We will use these as a stimulus to write our own Lighthouse Keeper story in a similar style. Through the term, we will also be revisiting some of the genres we have covered this year.


In Mathswe will be revisiting the four operations as well as learning about length, mass, capacity and temperature.


This term PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. On a Wednesday afternoon, the Kingfishers will be developing their team work skills when applying their running, throwing and catching skills to a new sport (kickball) with Mr Andre.  On a Thursday afternoon, they will be taking part in gymnastics, developing their movement skills and engaging in co-operative physical activities.


What an exciting term!




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