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Hello and welcome to the Kestrels' page! We are a Year 3 class containing 30 children. Mr Wingrove is our class teacher with Teaching Assistant Mrs Holmes. 

This year we will be continuing to tweet so don't forget you can follow us on Twitter. Our twitter name is @kestrelsketton. Send a follow request and you can keep up to date with what we are doing in the classroom as it happens!


Homework will be given out on a Friday and it will be based on topics we have covered during the last week. We each have a homework book to complete our homework in. Part of our homework is also to learn spellings which are based on the spelling pattern or a spelling rule we are focusing on.

In Kestrels we need to read our reading books at home every night. It is up to us to remember to ask to change our reading books when we finish them. We have Book Talk Sessions each week. These sessions provide an opportunity to develop our reading comprehension skills.

Epic Learning-   Each term we will promote one of the 6 Rs – being ready, responsible, resilient, reflective, resourceful and respectful. Our focus in Term 4 is on being resilient.


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Term 4:

This term we are performing What’s the Crime Mr Wolf? Under the watchful eye of Lord Feathers of Eiderdown, Fabletown's Forest Court meets to bring charges against Mr Wolf for his dastardly deeds. The prosecutors, Mr Hugh Mann and his assistant, Justin Case, call on a range of characters to give evidence.  You, the audience, are the jury and must decide whether the verdict is guilty or not guilty! So please look out for news about ticket sales – we look forward to seeing you there.


Continuing with this theme, in Literacy we will analyse 'The true story of the three little pigs' and compare it to other stories they have read. They will explore how the author,  Jon Scieszka, plays with an alternative view of a traditional tale. We will analyse how characters and settings are described with a focus on sentence openers, use of prepositions and conjunctions.  We will finish our unit with planning and writing our own alternative tale that we can share with the Ospreys.

In ICT the Kestrels will be learning how to code - they will learn how to create effective and precise algorithms, to debug algorithms and they will learn how to use loops/repetition within code to avoid repeating commands.

In Science the Kestrels will be continuing to developing an understanding of Forces and magnets, through a large range of simple practical investigations.

What an incredibly busy term! 


Important dates: 

Parent’s Evenings – 25th and 26th February

World Book Day – 5th March

Sports Relief – 13th March

Class Photos – 25th March

Class Production ‘What’s the crime Mr Wolf?’ dates tbc

Term 3:

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt where we will be locating where Egypt is geographically, then moving on to looking at the life of ordinary Egyptians and the life of Pharaoh and their courts.  We will look closely at the life of Tutankhamun, the boy king, and the discoveries made by Archaeologists searching the tombs.

This will theme will continue into our Literacy where we will be analysing and exploring the text, The Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. We will be using this as a stimulus to support our narrative writing. We will focus on the authors use or historical facts, descriptive and engaging vocabulary, use of direct speech and varied sentence structures.

In DT we will be looking at designing, making and evaluating our own Canopic jars. In science, our topic is forces and magnetism. We will focus on how forces work and the ways in which they are used in the world around us. We will use our investigative skills to explore and describe the effects of different forces and what we can compare this to in the real world.

PE will continue to be on a Tuesday and a Thursday so the children will need their PE kits on those days.  As the weather is still rather cold, it would be useful to bring suitable warm clothing so that we can use our wonderful outside spaces during our PE sessions.

Homework – this term we will continue to focus on Times Tables so please continue using the Times Table Rockstars. In addition, there will be weekly maths homework which will relate to the maths we are doing that week. Reading continues to be a vital part of our homework schedule so daily reading should continue - #10minutesRead. Weekly spelling rules will also be issued.

We have a very busy term ahead, so lets get stuck in!

Term 2

Our term will have a geographical focus as we have received our pen pal letters  we will learn more about Vietnam compared to Ketton. We will use atlases, draw maps and explore our local area looking at physical and human geographical features. In Literacy we will read some non-fiction called "Floods and Tears" so we can write  non-chronological reports for the Chatterbox after our tree planting in the village during National Tree Week. Then we will read a fiction called "Flood" by Alvaro F Villa. We will collect forest inspired language when we explore Buckminster Estate at the end of November. As Christmas approaches we will learn about light and shadows in Science and look at the Christian symbols of light in our homes and churches. 

Key Dates:  

Music Session 22nd November

National Tree Week begins 25th November

Writing Workshop morning in Buckminster 27th November

Tree Planting in Hall Close 29th November

KS 2 Christmas Singalong 16/ 17th December 

Christmas Church Service 20th December

Our pen pal letters from Vietnam have arrived.

Duxford Imperial War Museum

Peterborough Cathedral

Multiply by 4 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

Multiply by 4 and learn the 4 times table with a tropical beat.

Multiply by 8 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

This multiplication song for 8 gives the multiplication facts for the 8 times table.

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