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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 5


The Ospreys have a busy term ahead of them. In their first week back they will perform their postponed class play Star Warts: The Umpire Strikes Back. At the end of term they will visit the Osprey Centre at Lyndon, celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and have an Egyptian Experience Day. Oh yes, and at some point they will have to squeeze in their postponed class sleepover. surprise As I said, a busy term!


The theme for this term is Ancient Egyptian exploration.  In History our enquiry question is How do we know what Ancient Egypt was like when it was 5000 years ago? The Ospreys will unravel the mysteries of Ancient Egypt using primary and secondary sources discovering that much of our understanding of the Ancient Egyptian civilization came within the last 200 years.


Continuing with this theme, in English the Ospreys will analyse the story of the Egyptian Cinderella and compare it to other traditional tales. They will explore how the author, Shirley Climo, uses accurate historical facts such as character’s clothes, speech and mannerisms to reflect this time period. They will then rewrite another traditional tale set in Ancient Egypt.

We also have another awesome class read this term, Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, an exciting adventure where Lil and her friends embark on an incredible journey to return a mysterious package to its resting place, to protect those they love, and break the pharaoh’s curse.

In Maths the Ospreys will be learning more about decimals. They will find links between tenths and hundredths; compare and order decimals, round decimals and find equivalent decimal fractions. Decimals, decimals and more decimals! 


In Science this term the Ospreys will be studying states of matter. The enquiry question for this topic is What happens to the water – is it magic? Through a range of simple practical enquiries, they will develop an understanding of all areas of states of matter, including how materials can change from one state to another.


In RE the theme this term is life’s journey: How and why do people show their commitments during the journey of life? This unit enables pupils to learn from different religious and spiritual ways of life, relating to milestones on the journey of life. Through exploring baptism, Amrit Sanskar and marriage, the Ospreys explore how and why people show their commitments during the journey of life.


We will have PE on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons this term. On Tuesdays the Ospreys will be doing Athletics – they will learn a variety of running, jumping and throwing techniques. On Thursdays they will doing Dance where they will create and perform a dance sequence on the theme of rugby and the haka.


Phew - another busy term for the Ospreys! Let's get started yes

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