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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 6

Welcome to Term 6! 


Our final term of Year 6 has come around so quickly and we have lots of fun events planned as well as some exciting learning to be done. We have residential week to look forward to, Corby Athletics day, transition days, a Music festival, sports day and finally… our end of year church service. Please see below what we will be getting up to this term in class. 😊


In Science…

We will become Scientists this term exploring Evolution and Inheritance. We will be investigating ‘How have living things changed over time?’. We will work towards answering this enquiry question by identifying how animals and plants adapt to suit their environments in different ways. We will recognise that living things produce offspring of some kind. We will report and present findings in a range of ways and identify scientific evidence that has been developed over time.


In History...

We will continue our big enquiry question on 'How has crime and punishment developed across the ages?'. We will explore the broad trends of crime and punishment from the Romans all the way to the 21st century. We will explore the Roman era, the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period, the Medieval and Tudor times, the Victorian period and explore modern day Britain. This will be a very exciting topic, using all previous learning from primary school history lessons, the Eagles will engage in debates, art activities and answer key historical questions. 


In RE...

We will be looking at 'Good and Bad Times'. We will be exploring ways in which different religions respond to good and hard times in life. We will identify beliefs about life and death - thinking about incarnation and heaven. We will explore how different religions use symbolism and spirits to find comfort and support. 


In PE...

We will have our PE lessons on a Tuesday and Friday this term. We will be doing Orienteering and Striking and Fielding games such as Cricket and Rounders. We have our annual Corby Athletics event this term and our sports day so we will also have these exciting events to look forward to.


In Computing...

We will be using computers to create and manipulate three dimensional digital objects. We will work digitally with 2D and 3D graphics to construct a digital 3D model of a physical object. 


In D&T....

We will be working towards making our own construction of a pulley system that could provide a punishment for criminal behaviour - we will be using our learning in history to help us with this. We will make step by step guides on how to use the model and make our own prototype before assembling our final piece. 


In Music…

We will be looking at pitch and pattern this term in Music. We will appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians. We will be developing a deeper understanding of the history and context of music. We will create and present performances effectively with awareness of audience, venue and occasion with accuracy, control, fluency and expression.


We will also have French lessons this term delivered by Mrs Honorez and a whole school French Day on the 14th June.

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