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Ketton C of E Primary School

Term 4

So after 2 weeks of remote learning, we are back! It is such a delight to have our amazing Eagles team back. 



Exploring artists - Zentangles.  We will create carbon copy self portraits inspired by artists such as Luke Dixon.  This is building on our surrealism topic which we did during lockdown. 



This term we are learning about the circulatory system.  How are the heart, the lungs and the blood vessels linked? 



Investigating ratio and proportion in maths.  We are learning how this translates to real life maths through reading scales on plans or maps, organising groups or ingredients for cooking.



We are reading Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone.  Our focus this term is revising grammatical features in our writing and composing narrative pieces.  


This term we are considering the Easter story and how the different people involved feel at different stages of the story.  We are discussing reflection and forgiveness as part of our work. 




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