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Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Cucumber Sushi Rolls


  • Cucumber
  • Cooked rice
  • Sliced avocado 
  • Sliced peppers
  • Optional: you can also try adding julienne cut carrots, grated cheese, ham and spring onions.


  • Deseed: Cut each cucumber in half and remove seeds with a small spoon to create a long, hollow tube 

  • Stuff: Spoon in a small amount of ready cooked rice, then compress towards one side of the tube. Gently insert a slice of avocado and a few slices of pepper, then add more rice to fill gaps, compressing and adding more rice until packed full.

  • Slice: Slice the cucumber into 2 cm thick pieces. If you start to notice the filling is loose as you cut, stuff in more rice and peppers where needed. (please be careful and ask an adult for help)

  • Serve: Serve on their own or with soy sauce






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