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Cork Boats

This week's challenge is to make a cork boat!


You will need -

  • 3 corks per boat – this gives it the perfect stability
  • 2 elastic bands (we collected them off the road as the postman always drops them)
  • a toothpick
  • some paper 
  • string (optional)


To Make Cork Boats:

1) Place your elastic around the three corks – try and get 3 corks that are roughly the same width.

2) Decide on what sort of sails you want. You can keep them plain or add pirate details. Though these boats float so well, the sails shouldn’t get wet.

3) Pierce your sail with the toothpick and add a wimple if you wish.

4) Poke your toothpick onto your cork boat base and you are done and ready to sail!


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