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Ketton C of E Primary School

End of year reports and Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

Ketton CE School Data set 2023


The table below shows our results and outcomes for the year 2022 – 2023. It compares our school outcomes with National data and data for the RLT. In some cases the DfE have not released 2023 data sets so I have added 2022 outcomes for comparison. With KS2 results not moving greatly from 2022 then it is highly unlikely that anything will change significantly.

Ketton 2023: Progress Measures KS1 to KS2

Reading: + 0.4

Writing: + 2.5

Maths: + 2.8


Ketton 2023: Average scaled score

School Reading: 102    National Reading: 105.

School GPAS: 108.      National GPAS: 105.

School Reading: 108   National Maths: 104


Understanding Progress


A score of 0 would mean our pupils, on average, do about as well as those with similar prior attainment nationally.

A positive score would mean our pupils, on average, do better than those with similar prior attainment nationally

A negative score would mean our pupils, on average, do worse than those with similar prior attainment nationally.

KETTON DATA SETS 2021 - 2022


Please see the table below for our 2022 Year 6 SATs results. The table shows this year compared to us in 2019 – the last time we did these – and us compared to the national picture this year, 2022.


The national picture has seen an overall decline in standards in writing and maths while reading has stayed broadly the same. The RWM column shows children who reached at least the expected level in all three subjects. Again the national picture saw a fall in standards. There is no published data as yet for GDS in the national context.


We are extremely proud of our children as they have matched their 2019 peers despite two years of Covid disruption.










EXS      GDS


EXS      GDS

Ketton 2022

92%     54%

85%     27%

92%     50%

85%     58%

85%     19%

National 2022

    74%.     NK

    69%.      NK

  71%.     NK

Not Known

      59%.     NK

Ketton 2019

85%     35%

85%     19%

88%     27%

85%     50%

77%    12%

Ketton Data 2020 - 2021


As with 2019 - 2020, there were no national assessments at the end of this school year.


Therefore, there will be no data sets published. As a school, we have our own internal assessment processes and we will use this information to enable us to determine starting points for each child's learning in September 2021. Data below refers to the last full school year with national assessments which was 2018 - 2019 and is shown for context.


Please refer to our Self Evaluation Form for internal data from this year.

Ketton Data 2019

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