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Hello everyone. I hope you have been enjoying my nature challenges so far. I was out walking Dave the dog at the weekend, and I was looking at all the amazing colours that there are in nature. That is when this week’s challenge came to me!! I would like you to make a colour catcher!


To do this you will need a strip of card (an old cereal box can be cut up) or paper if you have no card. Then you will need to divide it up into 7 sections – one for each colour of the rainbow!

Then roll up some Sellotape so that is becomes like sticky backed plastic and stick a bit into each section.

Now, go into your garden or look when you are out for your daily exercise and see if you can find something to stick on your strip for each colour of the rainbow! Green is very easy. I saw some yellow and some blue too. I wonder if you will be able to find all seven? If you find this a bit tricky maybe you could choose just one colour and see if you can find seven different shades of that colour.


Good luck and don’t forget to post a picture of your finds onto your Class Dojo page!

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