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Welcome to my rainbow challenge.

As you all know, our NHS are doing a fantastic job at the moment and you might have seen rainbows popping up in lots of windows as a sign of support for their hard work. They make you smile, don’t they?


I would like you to create a LEGO rainbow for this week’s challenge (and maybe put it in your window so passers-by can see it too!)


Start by watching this little video clip to give you some ideas

 You can make it 3D or 2D, a simple rainbow or a more extravagant design involving a rainbow! Your rainbow could just be PART of your creation...maybe it tells part of the story, like in the Wizard of Oz (Somewhere over the Rainbow) or you could even make a Rainbow Fish. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the colours of the rainbow, it doesn’t matter at all!

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