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Welcome to my animal challenge.

April is National Pet Month in the U.K. so it seemed the perfect week to focus on Lego animals.
Look at the pictures for some ideas.
If you’re a Lego Friends fan, you might already have some cute animals you can add to your creation—maybe you could build an animal hospital or create a farm?


23rd April is St George’s Day (St George defeated the dragon after all, didn’t he?)
My children, Jack and Paige, love dragons so have built some Lego sets they already had (see pictures)!
You can be totally creative by inventing your own dragon. What special powers will he have? What could you use to build wings or horns?

You can choose ANY animal of your choice to build, real or imaginary! Will it be a hippo or a kitten? Or a strange, mythical four-headed beast? The choice is yours!   


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