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Going Places

This week's song is called 'Going Places'.

It's a super catchy song about being on a journey.

Going places,
I know just where I’m coming from.
And I’m going places,
Show the world the love that’s in my heart.
A good place to start.

I started off so small,
I was hardly there at all.
Now that I’ve grown so high,
I can reach up to the sky.
And ev’ryone can see,
I’m happy to be me.
And now I’m …


By land or sea or sky,
I walk and swim and fly.
So many ways to go,
So many things to know.
Just open up my door,
I’m ready to explore.
Because I’m …


I love to live my life,
So here’s some good advice.
Be helpful and be kind,
Keep happiness in mind. 
The higher you can be,
The further you will see.
And then you’re …


I’m reaching far and wide,
When I look deep inside,
The world is here for me
To make the best that I can be.
I’m reaching out to you,
Now we know what to do
Because we’re …


A good place to start.
Yeah! A good place to start.
A good place to start.

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